Horror game Quantum Error announced for PS5 & PS4

Announced via a teaser trailer on the developers website, Quantum Error is a 'Cosmic Horror' for PS5.

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Gaming1011166d ago

Looks like the space shooter Prey should've been.

TheCaptainKuchiki1166d ago

Prey was a very good game tho

Gaming1011166d ago

Kuch - it was ok, was long winded and boring try to figure your way around and find every little key card to unlock every door.
They really tried to be Bioshock with Prey but it just didn't have the level design, enemy design or variability, or charm that Bioshock did.

1166d ago
Spicyram1166d ago

NO. Just no. Prey was absolutely fantastic the way it was - imo the most slept on game of this generation.

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Tross1166d ago

So? Cross gen titles were a thing early on this gen too. I’m sure there will still be PS5 exclusives too, and that will more than likely be the better version of cross gen titles. But, continuing support for the PS4 for a little while is a good thing IMHO, for those who aren’t ready to invest in a PS5 at launch.

AngelicIceDiamond1166d ago

So why were ppl trolling MS saying they shot themselves in the foot for not for not having X Series games only? If you knew cross gen was gonna be thing? In fact we all knew cross gen was gonna be a thing because it always is. Why would it suddenly end?

So MS having cross gen games was never a bad thing. That's good to know.

yomfweeee1166d ago


Generally third parties well release crossgen, they aren't going to ignore last gen when few have the new console.

However first party use exclusives to drive console sales. They need to give more reasons for someone to upgrade. They are less concerned with overall sales of a single game.

Atticus_finch1166d ago

Good thing Sony has those ps5 exclusives cooking.

thisgamer5031166d ago

Shhhh, this is n4g. Crossgen bashing is reserved for MS platforms exclusively. It be MS's biggest exclusive

S2Killinit1166d ago

What? First off, unlike xbox, PS5 will have its own exclusives other than cross gen exclusives.

BehindTheRows1166d ago

He doesn't need a second off. What he said was enough to shoot down any nonsense you're trying to push. Sony will have PS5 only games. Not a hard concept to grasp.

AnubisG1166d ago


"And second off?"

You are are exactly like a guy who just got knocked out, than gets up and screams; is that all you got?😂

xX-oldboy-Xx1166d ago

thisgamer - The perfect xbox owner, can't distinguish between when something is good and when something is bad.


But 3rd party titles on the other hand are acceptable - see how it works?

Their interest lies selling as many copies of their game as possible.

Sony also want to sell copies of their games, but selling PS5's is their primary goal.

RedDevils1166d ago

Second off, you're a blind xbox fanboy who will only buy an xbox that it.

S2Killinit1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

No second off, you made me lose my shit

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RosweeSon1166d ago

Not first party exclusive tho. Cross gen isn’t new EA with Fifa etc do it every gen it’s when the first party games are being made for 2 systems one being nearer 8-10 years old that’s its problem

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Smokehouse1166d ago

Looks good! More horror games with shotguns please!

morganfell1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Really liked what I saw. Definitely interested. It showed me something enticing without giving everything away.

Tross1166d ago

I like cosmic horror, so, neat.