Dead or Alive 6 Devs Reveal Changes to Hair Color Microtransactions; It’s Still Paid and Only on PS4

Today Koei Tecmo announced changes to the system that allows players to change the characters’ hair color in Dead or Alive 6.

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Apocalypse Shadow2d ago

It was a ridiculous, money grubbing idea. Stuff like this is why I ban companies like them, EA, Activision, etc. It's not even a fighting game anymore. More like a wardrobe simulator. Used to love this franchise and the company until their ridiculous behavior.

Just greedy. Buying hair colors when it should just be as easy as an rgb change. Lol. Ridiculous.

Apocalypse Shadow2d ago

And that's the ridiculous part..

All they had to do was support rgb and second, hair highlights that you could also change the color of if they were going to do this. Then, no hair would look exactly alike for players.

But nope. Greedy. It only solidifies one of many reasons why I stopped buying their games years ago.