Bleeding Edge review – fight together or die alone | Metro

It often feels a little undercooked but the emphasis on teamplay and some very unusual characters offers an enjoyable alternative to other online multiplayer games.

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waverider11d ago

A seven to this..... Bare bone game made for services. Maybe a 5 and thats because of the name

ThinkThink11d ago

Have you played the final release? It's actually a lot of fun. Nothing ground breaking, just a good ole hack and slash meele combat.

bishup2511d ago

they'll keep adding content to this. to the point where it's almost a different game after 2 years.
most of these games do that.

UltraNova11d ago

F*** that shit. Games, like any other consumer product should be complete and working on release. Enough of this shit.

ThinkThink10d ago

What is not working in the games final release?

waverider10d ago

Exactly, is this free to play? Giving A seven to something that could get more content.... Crap. Just crap

TGGJustin10d ago

Nope it's a $30 game which is kind of absurd for what you get.

Tech511d ago (Edited 11d ago )

it's difficult to rate pvp games at launch because of the way the content is presented.
most games of their type always launch with a limited number of content.
it typically prompts gamers and reviewers to revisit them for a second and third opinion.
what is known is that late pvp adopters typically get to see a changed product.