1UP: Castlevania: Judgement Review

In Konami's words, this is a "Versus Action" game -- an amalgamation that fuses action-game mechanics with a fighter. In my words, it's the bastard son of neologism. Beyond the strange art direction, Judgment suffers from jarring mechanics that disregard established fighting conventions. The uncompromising camera displays the action in a bizarre, disconcerting manner that tracks players in a 3D area filled with environmental hazards. And in combat, the camera's way too difficult to control.

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Smacktard3838d ago

Holy sh*t. That surprised the hell out of me. I thought, despite what everyone was saying (I dismissed them all as hardcore Castlevania fans), that this game was actually gonna be good. Damn shame, it looked pretty and sounded like the creator really took a passion in it.