Bleeding Edge Review - A Little Too Lean | Twinfinite

Ed writes: Its core gameplay is fun, and the talent of the developers shines through in spite of problems which I’ll get to, but it’s apparent that there wasn’t anyone with enough weight on the team to hold the game up a bit and add key, modern touches that need to be included in a game that wants to survive in the hyper competitive multiplayer market.

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Kumakai7d ago

I have no dog in this fight regarding this title... I’m not into fighting games generally. What I do know is this is another game as a service - just like sea of thieves. Sea of thieves also received the same kind of reviews at launch. What’s the point? These kind of games will be at their most minimal and vacant at launch and build up content over time. Just like sea of thieves did. Sea of thieves is now bustling with millions of players and vast amount of content - completely contrary to its launch reviews. This game will follow that same path. So I feel we need to take that into consideration in how to review service games,

SamPao7d ago

no why lol review them on potential??? maybe in a year its gonna be even worse? and I highly doubt sea of thies has millions of daily/monthly players. I just checked twitch and it has less than 3k viewers. so the game is not as popular as you make it out.
I just think its fine to review them in the way they release why else would you want reviews??

darthv727d ago

From what I've been reading from those who were in the beta, this game is just straight up fun. Nothing too deep or involving, just fun. That's what i like to hear.

megamn6067d ago

Is it barebones? Kinda. Do I wish that I could say it wasn't kinda barebones? Yep. But this game is so dang fun, and when you get a team with great synergy it's sooooo satisfying. I really hope it grows quickly, because I'll definitely be sticking around!