Half-Life: Alyx's Twitch Viewers Are Way Higher Than Its Current Players

More people are watching Half-Life: Alyx than playing it.

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FlyingFoxy7d ago

Goes without saying that the player count would be smaller than usual, Valve even expected this themselves. I'm a bit surprised that people want to spoil a game that they might play at some point though, even if they end up playing it on a console if it gets ported.

roadkillers6d ago

This game came out at a shit time. No one has the Index in stock and some are selling for $2000 on Amazon. It takes 8+ weeks to get the device through Valve (comes with free Alyx).

I do love to play, but I have to wait a couple of months for the product to come in. That’s the only reason I watched my friend on twitch. It’s a demand issue.

zacfoldor6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Honestly, I read the ending on a gaming website as soon as I could, lol. Cuz VR.

jjb19817d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Prolly because there are more people that don't have an HMD than do have one.

AlexKoehler7d ago

cause most people don't have a VR headset

SegaSaturn6697d ago

Just watched dunkey's video on it. Looks tedious af.

carcarias7d ago

Most VR games do when you're just watching, I've noticed that myself.

Honestly, you only really get what the game is like once you play, it's just the nature of VR. Arizona Sunshine and Gorn look boring as f&%k, but once I was playing I had a blast.

It's because you're 'in' the game and your body is, to a degree, the controller. It's weird but it just works somehow.

UnHoly_One6d ago

VR games are fun once you are playing them because of the novelty of how cool it is to be in VR. Not because they are good games.

There is no VR game that isn't better as a non-VR game.

VR is a gimmick.

carcarias6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


VR is nothing even close to a gimmick, imho. When it comes to games in fpp, it's literally a whole new world, without wanting to sound like Aladdin ;)

You're simply flat out wrong by general consensus when it comes to your last statement too.

For example, Arizona Sunshine would be better as a non-VR game? Seriously? What are you smoking mate? You must be trolling :)

Without VR Arizona is one of the most rudimentary fps experiences a player could have. But in VR? Whole new ball game. Played through it twice whereas if it wasn't VR I wouldn't have given it 10 minutes. Come on, you know that's true if you've played it.

carcarias6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Oh, I forgot to add. What you said actually contradicts yourself.

- First you said that the only reason VR games feel good is because they are VR.

- Then you implied that without VR, we would see that they're not good games.

- Then you said that any game done in VR would actually be better if they weren't done in VR.

So, I'll say it again; what are you smoking.....and can I have some, please ;)

Poopmist7d ago

Dunkey edits his videos that way

porkChop7d ago

Dude, Dunkey's video's are usually just jokes.

JackBNimble7d ago

You should go watch angry Joe's review... I hope this gets ported to next gen consoles.

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carcarias7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

This was always going to be the case given the userbase numbers. Nice to see people interested though. However, I think, if they can resist the urge, they should hold off until they are able to play themselves, imho.

Mind you, even if you know what's coming, it feels completely different once you're in the game yourself so they'll still be able to enjoy it at some point.

W34KN35S6d ago

I'm sure it feels great to play , and while I can only speak for myself I feel like the majority of players arent interested in playing VR until it has become either more affordable and or has reached the level of Ready Player One levels whereas you are actually in the world. Ive tried VR before in Escape Games and in malls, and while it is fun I would never spend hundreds of dollars to play it unless I just had an insane amount of disposable income and had bought all the other things I want first lol . I agree with notion that it should have been able to be experienced both with or without VR , just like movies . I dont think I have ever heard the argument that if a movie isnt or wasnt made in one format then it shouldnt be made in another.

carcarias6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yeah, I agree with you to a large extent.

The experience offered and games available make it hard to justify the whopping price tag. I certainly am not going to buy one anytime soon. It's not helpful that they take up so much room either. Luckily, I have a family member whose VR I can use.

The one thing I do disagree with though is the film format thing.

If someone said, 'Dude, don't bother to watch Mad Max Fury Road unless you watch in 3D', I'd think they were mad. However, in the case of most games built from the ground up with VR in mind, it's waaaaay more than just a perspective change, especially with regards to HL Alyx.

Imho, a non-VR Alyx would have to be seriously reworked (though I have nothing against Valve doing so) to get anywhere close to being a great fps. I certainly wouldn't pay proper money for it as it is if you just enable fully functioning keyboard&mouse, that's for sure.

So what people should really be asking for are two separate versions of the game, instead of acting like a non-VR Alyx is already there and just being withheld to push VR sales. But why would Valve do that when the only reason they've made Alyx is because of VR?

People seem to conveniently forget that the only reason Alyx exists is because of VR. No VR = no Alyx = no complaints...but then who is helped by that?

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