World War Z Is Now Free

This is some great news as the game is lots of fun to play. World War Z is Free on the Epic Games Store.

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Duke197d ago

Blah PC only - yeah my ancient i5 would not have fun with this

Garethvk7d ago

I think you may be ok. May as well give it a shot. Price is right.

MecheSlays6d ago

you'll be fine. my cousin was running it on an fx4300 so you're definitely good.

Sophisticated_Chap7d ago

I'll wait for it to come to Steam, if it ever does. You can't lure me in with free gifts, but then again, I'm a man with integrity.

porkChop7d ago

Whether you use Steam, Epic, Origin, etc., has no bearing on your integrity. Don't act like you're better than everyone else because of where you buy your games. The fact that you even think that says more about your character than anything else.

AnubisG7d ago

Integrity huh? In the console world we call this fanboyism. But ok, call it integrity.🤣

anonymousfan7d ago

I have integrity to good video games and fun times. Where is your integrity? Silly turf wars?

Atticus_finch7d ago

That's pretty funny. But you weren't trying to be funny.

Casepb7d ago

Dude it's free. I will be the first to admit EGS is a shit launcher, but I won't say no to free games.

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monkey6027d ago

I had this already because it came with my graphics cards but that's a seriously good choice for a freebie. I'll be delighted now to play it with friends anyway

1nsomniac7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Great. Wanted this for ages and nearly bought it a few times but didn’t in the end.’s lucky I didn’t as unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. Crashes to desktop as soon as I run the game. Doesn’t even get to title screen. Quick google search shows it’s a common fault. Apparently they released a few hotfix’s to fix it but it’s still there. Second I run the game my fans instantly ramp right up. No thermal steps just jumps right up and stays there until it crashes. Nioce!

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