Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Launches in May With a New Epilogue

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch gets a release date in a new Nintendo Direct Mini presentation.

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Nyxus11d ago

Damn, I'm going to need that special edition. And the same day as The Last of Us Part II. It's going to be an expensive day. :P

greysun12310d ago

Guess we buying both! But the real question is, which are we playing first 🤨

Asuka11d ago

I'm all over that collector's edition. One of my most anticipated games this year.

Nyxus11d ago

Which region are you in? Looks like there will be a different version for Europe compared to the US:


Asuka11d ago

Really? I'm US region... and looks like the EU version comes with a vinyl... Welp I need it. Thanks now I got to spend more money 😂😅

Nyxus11d ago

Yeah Nintendo Europe usually has better collector's editions for some reason. Really hoping there are going to be enough copies.

CDbiggen11d ago

Aw great news, not long to wait.

greysun12311d ago

Same day as The Last of Us 2....

AnotherGamer11d ago

I have my eye on this one! Looks good!

genericgamer0111d ago

I guess now that I have a Switch I have to try out this series. I played Xenogears when I was too young to really grasp the themes, but nothing beyond that. I feel like I've been missing out with these games.

greysun12310d ago

This is hands down the best Xeno game

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The story is too old to be commented.