World Health Organisation recommends ‘active’ games for COVID-19 isolation

Recommendation follows controversial decision to classify ‘games disorder’ as a disease.

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sprinterboy7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

We might be going through a pandemic but I wouldn't swoop that low just yet haha.
You OK buddy there are hotlines to call for mental heath issues during this difficult time.
I almost bought a xbox yesterday and thank god the hotline and staff were great so helpful from stopping me.

RazzerRedux7d ago

lol.....thanks for talking me down, sprinterboy. You've saved my eyes from being destroyed by 480p.

roadkillers7d ago

This. Game Is Amazing. Is there any stats on the amount of calories burnt from beat saber and other cravings games?

sprinterboy7d ago

Not sure but a smart watch or fitbit should help or something simlar

xTonyMontana7d ago

Yeah I'm using a heart rate monitor with mine.

BillyG0AT7d ago

If reckin' KOS noobs on DayZ aint active, I don't know what is.

JK, stay safe everyone! And do squats, they help.