Remedy signs deal with ‘major publisher’ for two next-gen games

Control studio’s next game already in pre-production.

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FlavorLav01572d ago ShowReplies(8)
fatbastard11572d ago

I would love an OG Max Payne Remaster

battlegrog572d ago

i dont think they own the rights to that game.They build the game for Rockstar studios

fatbastard11572d ago

True, but maybe Rockstar can hand it over to them and still get some money out of doing nothing. Unless they plan on doing something else in the future, I don’t see why not.

Spero571d ago

They did not 'build the game for Rockstar'.

Sam Lake and Remedy created the Max Payne ip which was then sold at a later date to Rockstar.

bishup25571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

"Remedy’s Sam Lake said of the deal: “Epic understands what it takes to make a big game. They want to give us full creative freedom.”

they were going to be partners anyways now that cubic motion and 3 lateral belongs to Epic.

RedDevils571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

Rockstar is a better developer than Remedy anyway, outside of Max Payne Remedy hasn't done anything that make me want to play, yes that include their recent game "Control" which was meh imo. Rockstar did Max Payne 3 and that seem like a gem which people seem to ignore too.

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Crazyglues571d ago

What about 3 I loved Max Payne 3's multi-player, it had a few problems but man it was a hidden gem, had a blast getting good on that game, and could not stop playing... Loved it.

If they would re-make that game for PS5, I would buy it in a heartbeat.... but I do have to admit the OG Max Payne had the best story... If they can't bring the old games back please, please, please make a Max Payne 4.

--Onilink--571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

Max Payne 3 is actually the one that was developed by Rockstar, who are the owners of the IP. Remedy has no say on getting a new Max Payne done

Crazyglues571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

@ --Onilink--

Oh wow, i didn't know that, I had thought it was Remedy that made it... wow very interesting.
I guess that explains a lot, why it had such a GTA feel to it, multi-player was awesome thou/ needed a patch to fix some issues but it was still indeed a lot of fun to play..

Then there is no excuse why RockStar can't do a new one for Nex Gen, that would be awesome..

KINGS47571d ago

Max Payne 3 is definitely in my top 5 games of all time, that game had an amazing soundtrack, amazing gameplay, slow motion was off the chain & yes that multiplayer that no one talked about was filthy good! I dream for a Max Payne 4 but i feel like his story is over :(

aaronaton572d ago ShowReplies(6)
S2Killinit572d ago

Wasnt Remedy a MS studio? Are they going multiplatform?

Poopmist572d ago

They both had a deal for like a couple games earlier

571d ago
Atom666572d ago

No. They were always independent, and they went public just a few years ago on top of it.

All of the Sony acquisition talk was nonsense, apparently. Control was multiplatform, and they appear set to continue that way.

Christopher571d ago

They were like Quantic Dream. External party developing console exclusive titles.

Spero571d ago

They had a second-party deal with Microsoft for Alan Wake and Quantum Break. After Quantum Break they went forward with Control which was published multi-plat by 505Gamee.

NeoGamer232571d ago

MS published Alan Wake games (MS owned the IP, but I think Remedy got it from MS). Quantum Break again MS published but not sure who owns it.

Remedy has always been an independent studio.

Control was a multi-platform Remedy game. I doubt they won't be multi-platform going forward.

S2Killinit571d ago

I see. I always saw them as a MS studio but you guys are right, it was/is a “second party” studio.

LordJamar571d ago

No they never were they just made some games for them but we’re never owned

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AmUnRa572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

Are people dislectic here?
The first sentence of the article...the first game is an (AAA) MULTI-PLATFORM game and the second game is much smaller game project in preproduction...
Dont dive on the headline and make conclusion without reading the article😉

zeroskie572d ago

The irony of asking people if they're dyslexic

Gamehard572d ago

I literally lol'd at this.

Cupid_Viper_3572d ago

@ Zeroskie

HAHAHA, but he still has a point though. It does clearly say that the games will be multi-platform releases.

AmUnRa572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

😳😳...I spelled it wrong and was to late to correct it, I live in the Netherlands so excuse me...
But you know that my comment was spot on, that does not change...😉

zeroskie571d ago

@AmUnRa, haha I was just joshing with you. Yeah I don't disagree with you, it's pretty obvious what is written in the article.

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FlavorLav01571d ago

A PC version plus 1 console exclusive version is still multi-platform. I’m just saying the article didn’t name the console(s) the games are to be expected on...

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