Ex-DICE Dev "Wishes" Battlefield 5 Firestorm Was F2P, Doesn't See Mod Support Coming Back

People involved in the making of Battlefield 5 Firestorm talk about its development, with one ex-DICE dev saying he wished it was free-to-play.

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excaliburps8d ago

It's not that bad. I mean, it's worse tham BF1, BF4 and BF3, but it's still a solid shooter.

sampsonon7d ago

If they changed the marketing the game wouldn't have been received better. You know, with all the women haters out there and all.

Crazyglues8d ago

F2P = Free 2 Play and no it's not

sampsonon7d ago

It's because of the females in the game. Some people think that women never fought in the 2nd world war.
don't let anyone tell you different. i was here when these woman haters spewed their vile.

JTGA7d ago

@sampsonon - good lord. really? I don't understand this attitude towards FACTS. Such pointless drivel. Nice to see you call out their vile attitudes!

JTGA7d ago

It should absolutely be a standalone release, and free to play. Modern Warfare / Warzone was the right play by Activision, and it would make sense for DICE to follow suit.

sampsonon7d ago (Edited 7d ago )


After they see the numbers for Warzone you can bet they will make it a F2p game.