Nintendo Switch Is Sold Out Everywhere, Drastically Increasing Prices

With most retail stock gone and no specific date on when more will arrive, getting a Switch will cost you some extra money.

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darthv726d ago

People should not overlook the 2nd hand market. I just got one for $200. As people get needy for $$, the deals can be found. This virus has yielded me several deals on ps4 and xbo systems and now a switch.

AriesBear6d ago

Are you hoarding them or something

darthv726d ago

I guess you could see it that way. Another way to look at it is I collect the variants. The ones I purchased recently were the minecraft and gears 4 xbox one s and the battlefront and call of duty ps4. I got my eye on the uncharted and destiny ps4 and the foza 6 og xbox one. I may not use them but I like having them.

5d ago
IAreBeMrLee6d ago

100% bro

I got my switch with 6 games (incl zelda, Mario Odyssey and Breath Of the wild) carry case, dock and charging stand for 250

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MasterCornholio6d ago

I know it sucks but don't give in to scalpers.

gtxgamer26d ago

Forreal, scalpers are the worst kinda ppl.

badz1496d ago

so did the guy who hoarded hand sanitizer

Cobra9516d ago

No. Scalpers are leeches, parasites. They provide no value to the economy. The goods are already designed, manufactured and distributed to their final points of sale. The scalpers intercept them at that final point to suck more money out of consumers. It has nothing to do with economic principles.

Leeroyw5d ago

Supply and demand is for legitimate shops with price standards. Not some guy with a van taking all the toilet paper to sell on gumtree. Stuff like this is why my elderly neighbours haven't got enough. Supply and demand my a$$

Father__Merrin6d ago

its a combination of the viris stay at home out break, animal crossing and uptake in switch as a replacement for 3ds

S2Killinit6d ago

Not sure why 6 people disagreed with you. You are probably correct.

Iceman100x6d ago

Maybe because nothing will replace the 3ds

wwinterj5d ago

I don't know man. The Switch being out of stock and price increase has been around a while. Still these things certainly help.

plmkoh6d ago

I sold my v1 brand new in box for $450 last week.

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