DOOM Eternal Graphics Analysis: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X vs PC Comparison

DOOM Eternal is an evolution of an already excellent title in just about every way.

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343_Guilty_Spark11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

"The Xbox Series X delivers the best experience. Resolution tops out at 1800p on Microsoft’s platform, with dips below in more intense scenes. The console stays at the upper bounds of the resolution scale most of the time, however, leading to a relatively crisp image on 4K panels. The PS4 Pro compromises image quality a bit more, topping out at 1440p, with dips below. While the presentation is noticeably softer on 4K panels, DOOM Eternal’s excellent temporal anti aliasing makes for a reasonably smooth image."

Expect this to be case all next gen. 4k/60 XSX....1440-4K/60'PS5.

jukins11d ago

Lol what?!? You really think xsx is gonna be ONLY 4k 60?

11d ago
NewMonday11d ago

PS5 should be 2x better at loading textures with better draw distance. textures are a major focus of idtech engines. can't see how some extra 15% on the GPU will make that up.

fr0sty10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

PS5 runs at faster clock speeds, so there will be times it has the framerate advantage, especially on CPU bound games. This isn't even factoring in it having a hard drive that is as much as 3 times faster, or the tempest engine removing the audio load from the CPU and aiding in other tasks as well.

Ulf10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


It's pretty clear you have no idea what you're talking about. In no way, shape, or form will the GPU clock make up for the lack of CUs on the GPU, and the PS5 CPU clock is *slower*.

The only way a faster GPU clock could possibly make a difference with framerate here would be if the PS5 GPU had at least as many ROPs as the XSX GPU, and the game was *also* fill-rate bound. That's just not gonna be a thing.

Unspoken10d ago

Great game engine that everyone can enjoy. Maybe they can use this engine in Bethesda games.

gravedigger10d ago


"form will the GPU clock make up for the lack of CUs on the GPU, and the PS5 CPU clock is *slower*.

XSXs CPU with SMT is 3.6 GHz, PS5s CPU is 3.5 GHz with SMT. Not that slower

NewMonday10d ago


Devs will need to manually split workload for the SX extra CUs, and some work simply can't be split and will be limited by the the speed of the individual CU and this where PS5 has a big advantage leapfrogging the SX extra CPU count.

Pejjan10d ago

Don’t even bother to comment 343 guilty sh

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SyntheticForm11d ago

"Expect this to be case all next gen. 4k/60 XSX....1440-4K/60'PS5.&quo t;

Just because the power is there doesn't mean devs are going to use it to that end, least of all in every case, which is basically what you just said.

I 'do' expect the XSX to achieve better resolution in some scenarios in third party titles owning to the better GPU. Don't think gulf is going to be that massive though and the PS5 is closer to the XSX than the Pro is to X1X.

Echo_11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

People said devs wouldn't use ONE X's power advantage yet we got games like Red Dead 2 running at Native 4K and stable 30fps on One X. Shadow of Mordor had Hi Res textures, a Native 4K Mode and better image quality than PS4 Pro. Doom Eternal has better image quality and higher resolution on ONE X.. The list goes on. Check DF articles for reference.

The Series X will have more tech advantages than just resolution and frame rates. I'm very confident about this.

SyntheticForm11d ago (Edited 11d ago )


I just said the same thing because the XSX 'is' more powerful with the exception of the SSD.

I expect DF analyses to lean toward XSX due to the better GPU, CPU, higher bandwidth memory, and higher bus speed of 320mb.

I 'do' 'expect' third party games to be a little better on XSX with the exception of loading, environment streaming, and maybe draw distances.

But do I expect 4K/60 for all games? No. I think devs will prioritize other things and sometimes res and frame rate will come second. There's a lot, and I mean a lot more to a game and its world than resolution and frame rate, but especially resolution.

CrimsonWing6911d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Yes but Sony lives and dies by their library. PS2 was the weaker of the 3 consoles and it was the best selling of all time and has a hell of an exclusive library.

This next-gen is going to be interesting because of MS can give an exclusive library on the level of Sony, then it could come back to the glory days of the 360.

We’ll see, I’m thinking about making Xsex my primary for the next gen because I want the best possible version of a game, but if they slog on exclusives I may just stick with Sony. The thing is i hate spreading my games over multiple consoles. I usually pick a primary and then buy only exclusives on the other.

jukins10d ago

Soo why not go pc? If Nik you really want the best

GamerRN10d ago

I'm the same way... I just happen to like raw power and the controller better, so I'll be sticking with Xbox primarily and PS5 for exclusives

GamingSinceForever11d ago

There is no arguing that the XSX has more raw power than the PS5, but that does not mean that the PS5 is limited. You’re making the assumption that developers will tap into the extra power, especially if it reveals little noticeable differences.

Also the XBox One initially was under powered struggling to hit 1080p which was an unfortunate misstep by MS to start the gen.

Master of Unlocking11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

"You’re making the assumption that developers will tap into the extra power, especially if it reveals little noticeable differences."


What plenty of people usually fail to keep in mind is that, by all accounts now, Microsoft are going to come up with the Xbox series S (or w/e it's eventually called) a little while later after the launch of the Xbox series X, a system drastically cheaper than the PS5 (about 100$ less I would say), but also very underpowered. They 're gonna do that to try and "flank" Sony, as a payback to thank them for the 100$ undercutting Sony did to them at the beginning of this gen if you will, so as to offer both a top-of-the-line system, even if it's more expensive than the PS5 (and it will be), and a lower-specced system to have a cheaper system on the market than Sony.

The thing is, as I was saying, by all accounts from devs worldwide, developping a game for 2 Xbox systems is not as easy as some would think, and some of them are expressing their frustration at having to waste time to develop 2 versions of their game just for the MS's systems.

So while having, on paper, the most powerful system (the speed at which MS were so adamant to point that out, stating on their website long before the PS5 specs were even revealed that they had "the most powerful console ever", should come as a tipp off to some, esp. Sony engineers, that it's not exactly in Sony's interest to blindly trust those chip makers at AMD or any of their minions, by the way), it's still very much possible Microsoft may not always have the best optimized versions of third-party games on their systems, simply due to having two instead of one for Sony (for now at least).

DarkZane11d ago

Both consoles will easily be able to do 4k/60fps with the same visual quality because the difference is very small. However, you're kidding yourself because 95% of the games will be 4K/30fps on both because devs will always go for better graphics instead of framerate. The 5% that will be 4K/60fps will be first party games and the odd multiplatform games.

Sadly, the era of 60fps being the standard on console ended when we jumped from SD to HD and it's never coming back. If you want 60fps, PC is where you need to go.

rainslacker11d ago

I think we'll see more devs implementing a choice of framerate or graphics.

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago

The difference is the same as the difference between the X and the Pro, close to 2 TF.

JohnJ10d ago

With the greater efficiency of new architecture (~2X) Teraflops May count for double. So double the difference between the two.

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago


Well a certain group doesn't like to talk about that.

RazzerRedux10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


"With the greater efficiency of new architecture (~2X) Teraflops May count for double. So double the difference between the two."

lol....what? PS5 and XSX are both RDNA 2. The same exact architecture.


"The difference is the same as the difference between the X and the Pro, close to 2 TF."

So somehow a difference of 35% in TF between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X is the same as the 17% difference between PS5 and XSX? Come on, dude. Do some math.

"No need to use percentages here as they are proportional to the dominator. "


343_Guilty_Spark10d ago


Its still 1.8+ TF difference.

Mind telling me what that will look like?

RazzerRedux10d ago

"Its still 1.8+ TF difference.

Mind telling me what that will look like?"

See the article above? When you start seeing these for next gen consoles then you will get your answer.

I expect to see an advantage for XSX but how much of an advantage, no one can say based on what we have.

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Hedstrom11d ago

Lol! Youre not really gifted in the head department!

Kumakai11d ago

agreed. series x w/ its faster, wider memory bus, faster cpu speed and more cu's on the gpu w/ locked frequency means this will absolutely be the case formultiplatform games next gen as well.

bigc07200411d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Maybe, but me personally, I could care less about 4k. The highest I play is 1440p. I like frames...not resolution. I'll stick to PC.

Echo_11d ago

4K is also expensive to drive on PC. The GPU alone to power 4K is very pricey. So I can imagine why you'd be okay with 1440p.

bigc07200410d ago

@Echo_ expensive in terms of power? Or price? It doesn't make a difference really, in terms of price. To answer your last statement though, no, that's not why. For me, I'm a simple man. Just give me HD, and great frame rates. I'd rather the screen not be tearing/rubber banding, than textures look pretty and super realistic. Some people prefer both

BehindTheRows11d ago

"The PC versions offers a number of settings and features that set it apart from the game’s console iterations. For starters, the frame rate is fully unlimited. DOOM Eternal is not a CPU-intensive game. This means that, with sufficiently powerful hardware, frame rates in excess of 200 FPS are possible, especially at lower resolutions. It also means that 4K/60 FPS gameplay is possible, even on hardware like the RTX 2070 Super that’s better suited to 1440p".

Nah, that's what I can expect all gen on the superior platform. I know you'll run and cower from the PC, but since power matters all of a sudden to you (when you were on of the most vocal opponents of said discussion before the X1X was announced), one has to wonder why you choose to ignore that platform?

Babadook711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

"Expect this to be case all next gen. 4k/60 XSX....1440-4K/60'PS5.& ;quo t;

2160p vs 1440p? Ahahahhaha! That would require more than twice the power! 18% more power is going to be unnoticeable! The SSD on the other hand might make a visible difference for some games.

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago

It's 2 TF difference same as X vs Pro.

No need to use percentages here as they are proportional to the dominator. The large the dominator the smaller the difference looks, but 2 Tf is 2 TF. It's the same difference as the X and Pro...and we see that lack of compute power is why the Pro is almost always lower resolution and graphical quality than the X. Compare the raw power difference.

Babadook710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

All wrong. 1.86 TF. And percentage is the only relevant number, particularly when assessing resolution which is the point. If you didn’t know that you're just ignorant.

Not to mention Doom eternal runs poor on Xbox one x. Pro runs smoother according to DF. So much for your ridiculous bragging rights.

Master of Unlocking11d ago

Even if devs don't eventually learn that TFLOPS only PARTLY indicate any given GPU's power and how to use the PS5's extra assets, I don't see how a meager power difference such as about 2 TFLOPS could result in games running on an Xbox series X at 4K/60fps while they would run only at 1440/60fps on the PS5.

You sir are delusional and are a fanboy.

ocelot0711d ago

So noting much in it then? That extra 1.7 tflops of POWAAAAAA is is again not going to sway people to buy the XSX over a PS5 imo. Just like with the X spite it being the most powerful console on the planet right now and with the Xbox only shifting a estimate of 40k world wide last month.

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago

PS5 isn't running sustained 10.2 TF.

That TF is more than a whole PS4.

It's okay for men to cry.

rainslacker11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Wow. That's quite the extrapolation to take what is done this gen and assume it is somehow indicative of performance and resolution of next gen.

Keep fighting the good fight though. Someone has to do it, no matter how stupid the fight is.

Loktai11d ago

Well, you can say this except it depends on what the lead platform is-
The power difference between PS4 Pro and Xbox one X is about 30%. The difference
between XSX and PS5 is half that much.

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago

Yet the raw power difference is roughly the same...around 2 TF.

So now we are saying ~2TF is nothing noteworthy?

Surely it was when comparing the X with the weaker Pro.

Loktai9d ago


Sorry for the late reply-

2TF matters but if youre talking about a percentage of total power and its still less than 20 percent in worst case scenario, especially factoring in that a higher clock speed COULD (probably wont but lets play devils advocate) give a Per-Cu advantage in unsplit workloads like raw geometry fill rate or texture allocation(which MAY matter slightly with very fast storage, I again doubt it'll mean a real world difference) . those clocks COULD lower it more to a 15 percent gap but lets go with 20.

What does 20 percent do for you in the real world? A lot . But what will you see?

Vanilla PS4 is 1.84 teraflop, the original Xbox One, 1.31 teraflops,

The difference is .53 terraflops. Lets compare this

10.3tf tf or a difference of, lets round it and assume for a few MHZ downclock to play devils advocate fully
rather than "best case scenario" right? Lets say its 1.9TF difference.

Just as a percentage check.... .53 is what you need to ADD onto the launch XBOX ONE to hit PS4 levels.
.53TF is adding 40% to the power of the XBOX one to hit PS4- And PS4 is also running faster memory
which has nothing to do with TF so the difference is bigger than the 1.3tf yet they ran the same games
sometimes the only difference was 900P vs 1080p - or "more grass" on the hill in GTA5.

To have the power gap over PS5 that the PS4 had over the XBOX ONE at launch the XSX would need to be 14.4TF.

Radeon RX Vega 64 (Vega 10)—12.66 TFLOPs.

Radeon RX Vega 56 (Vega 10)—10.54 TFLOPs.

Well this difference happens to be super close to the difference between the consoles-
Keeping in mind this is an older technology as far as the archetecture but lets look at them.

This goes over games- mind you they are not optimized for the archetecture etc. But lets assume Terraflops
are what matters right?

These games are all running the same detail settings, the same textures and the same hardware otherwise.

The difference is something in the 5-10 FPS area depending on the game.

I agree this means that there COULD be times where the XSX can only just barely hold a steady 60fps in a game at 4k and the PS5 has to either run at a dynamic resolution or run at 50-55FPS instead but ... its not night and day.

DarXyde11d ago

Should I cringe or roll my eyes?

Ok, dude. We'll see.

Atticus_finch10d ago

It will be interesting to come back to this comment once Ps5 proves you wrong.

CaptainHenry91610d ago

PS5 loading time will definitely be better

crazyCoconuts10d ago

I guess this is payback for all the fun we had with your 720p games with the original Xbox. Keep em coming

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


RTX 2080 (based on DF report on Gears 5 report) vs RX 5700 the closest PC equivalent to PS5.

RTX 2080 Gears 5 - 4K/63 ULTRA
RX 5700 Gears 5 - 4K/36 ULTRA

CaptainHenry91610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Your reaching. I can't wait for the PS5 to outsell the Series X 😂😁 maybe you should go back and play some Halo 5

deepdishdj10d ago


You can't wait for one console to outsell another? You actually get some kind of kick out of this ?

RazzerRedux10d ago

DF acknowledges that the TF is largely useless when comparing dissimilar architectures. They express surprise that MS uses TF at all. You obviously ignored those facts and now you are yapping about Turing vs RDNA 1.0 like you know what you are talking about. Nothing you've said applies to XSX and PS5.

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago


What do sales have to do with performance?

343_Guilty_Spark10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


Its still 1.8+ TF or more in favor for the XSX for both RDNA2 based consoles. What do you think 1.8+ TF looks like?...We already know RDNA2 can provide nearly double the performance of GCN based GPUs.

So what are you saying?

Steppenwolfmother10d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark I’m not GPU expert but isn’t the RX 5700 using RDNA1? Given that the PS4 GPU is RDNA2 tech which is like twice as powerful isn’t your whole argument false?

Also WCCFTech benchmarked the RX 5700 at running doom eternal on 4K at an average of 66FPS. And that card is half as powerful as the PS4 GPU?

RazzerRedux10d ago

"Its still 1.8+ TF or more in favor for the XSX for both RDNA2 based consoles. What do you think 1.8+ TF looks like?"

Yes, and that is an applicable comparison. So a 17% difference in performance. What it will "look like" will come in actual game benchmarks because those benchmarks don't always agree with TF.

"We already know RDNA2 can provide nearly double the performance of GCN based GPUs."

GCN is irrelevant. Why are you even bringing it up?

"So what are you saying?"

That pretending that the next gen consoles equate to RTX 2080 vs RX 5700 is ridiculous.

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outsider162410d ago

Oh cool then. Ps5 here i come.

MADGameR10d ago

Clearly you are a delusional X Box fanboy. The PC version is the best version.

Lilrizky10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Maybe not. You or perhaps this article elected to leave out findings that the PS4 pro actually has smoother fps than the Xbox one X with less dips.

Similarly the RE3 demo which has the X at native 4k can't hold the 60fps at all, while the ps4 pro that targets a lower resolution locks the performance.

So expect to see 4k/sub 60 XSX... 1440-4k locked 60 PS5. This was a joke btw id doubt either of them could hold next gen made games at 4k/60fps. That's like saying because the pro can run TLOU remastered at native 4k it can run all ps4 games at native 4k.

88310d ago

Gotta love the discussions where all of a sudden having more CUs is being discussed as though it is an undesirable quality?! The world's gone mad. The PS5 does not need defending, but to be fair, more CUs will be part of GPU *progress* and developers *will* use them.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I think a lot of that stems from reaction to those who are making it more than it is in the first place. Which is pretty much anything that involves anything related to everything that related to gaming.

Focusing on any one aspect, or even a few is not going to give the whole picture. I also think most of the people gushing about anything dont really know what to expect either the OP, who obviously doesnt know tech, and cant even make an argument that interprets the PR information correctly.

PrinterMan10d ago

And why should we expect this exactly?

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Duke1911d ago

Enjoying it on my PS4 Pro (although it definitely makes it sound like a jet engine at times), but the visual jump to the Xbox One X is definitely impressive. That looks good

Elda11d ago

I think it looks great on the Pro compared to the 2016 game. I have the latest version of the Pro that I bought this past Oct so it's quiet.

Lord_Belasco11d ago

My Pro is pretty quiet as well.

rainslacker11d ago

My games are loud when I turn up the surround sound and my nice speakers work their magic. My wife is constantly saying I am making too much noise playing my games.

Otherwise, the fan sound was fixed when I replaced the thermal grease, and never thought about it much since.

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Jin_Sakai11d ago

Getting a quite PS4 Pro is a lottery. My PS4 Pro in the bedroom is quite yet the one in the living room is incredibly loud. Both are the newest models.

Duke1911d ago

Mine is usually quiet (or at least not bad enough to bug me) - if anything im pretty sure I need to clean it out. Have just been to lazy to explore what the best/safest way is to remove dust and dog hair

KillBill10d ago

@Battlestar23 - "The system still possessed similar power draw though, so the end result was a hotter console - albeit one that delivered a big improvement in its acoustic performance." so basically makes it run hotter but with less sound... wtf? Why would you upgrade to favor sound over heat???