Half-Life: Alyx VR-Only Release Is a Disservice to Its Fanbase

"Sixteen years after the last game in the franchise, Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx is here. The good news is, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and it has revived interest in the classic first-person shooter (FPS). The bad news is, it’s a virtual reality-only release for Windows," writes Sergio Pereira.

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-Foxtrot8d ago

If you've seen the know why having it as an exclusive is going to confuse some people with future Half Life games. It's a shame because I'd have loved to play this and experience the ending after putting so much time into it.

Like seriously, it's a "OH NO THEY DIDN'T" moment

I've been sitting here for hours thinking about it...and I honestly can't decide if I like it or not, it's conflicting while exciting.

Echo_8d ago

Why would you ruin it for yourself by looking at the ending?

-Foxtrot8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Because I'm never going to get to play ever, thus the point of the article I guess. Plus you can't run from spoilers forever especially on the internet.

I can't afford it, especially with the entire country going on lockdown and work being shit pots. If no other games were coming out and I wasn't saving for next gen consoles it would be a little easier but you also have Doom, Cyber Punk, Final Fantasy VIII, Resident Evil 3, The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Nioh 2 so on

Echo_8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I understand your plight but..

We always bang on about Exclusives around here. . It only becomes a problem when you don't have access to the game :).

The argument is that this game was made with VR in mind to push the hardware forward. Yes, the franchise didn't begin with VR but this is what the creator has chosen to do with this entry.

Not much can be done except to deal with it unless Valve chooses to make a non-VR version.

-Foxtrot8d ago

The difference with exclusives on an Xbox One / PS4 / Switch to a PC VR exclusive is the consoles are a LOT cheaper.

I wanted the Halo Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive, I managed to afford a Xbox One years ago no problem after a bit of saving up, then you had Gears of War later. Same goes for the Nintendo Switch when I wanted Smash Bros, Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing.

If it was just a PC exclusive, a standard game on Steam, I wouldn't care, not many would because it wouldn't be that bad.

"The argument is that this game was made with VR in mind to push the hardware forward"

No one is disagreeing with that but why that game? Why Half Life? Why something fans have been asking over 15 years for? A game which had a huge cliff hanger ending and when you do a new game it it's a prequel in which ending changes EVERYTHING you thought you knew possibly leading into other future games. If you don't play this game you are going to be very confused for the main line games. The choice doesn't make sense. They'd have been better off doing Team Fortress 3 or Counter Strike, multiplayer games which don't really have single player stories that are desperate to continue. It's literally because they want it to sell that's all, they could have applied the same tech to any other game, hell even a brand new IP and the results might have been almost the same.

Apocalypse Shadow8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It's as Echo said, it's made to push VR forward. Get people to see that VR as a platform, is just as good if not better in certain areas over flat gaming and be just as viable. They know that not everyone will be able to play it. But it's not Half Life 3. You're not missing what comes next after Half Life 2. You only ruined what you might experience in the future by looking at the ending.

Gamers want VR to grow and get better from the old nonsense of calling it a gimmick, not having great graphics or calling VR games "tech demos." Say things like "Where are the AAA developers?" But then have a problem when companies make excellent games for it to get you to try it that aren't releasing regularly on flat.

"Well, it should be like RE7 and have dual play in and out of VR."

No. It shouldn't. Capcom made their decision and it worked. Mostly. But it also didn't. Playing on a flat screen, you'll never truly EXPERIENCE RE7 as intended. The fear level and intensity is not even close to feeling like you're there in VR. That goes for Sairento, Astrobot, Firewall, Asgard's Wrath, etc. Even upcoming games like Iron Man. They wouldn't be the same out of VR.

I think after almost 50 years of couch/controller gaming, Valve recognizes that that can't be the only way we play/interact with games or experience games. Looking at 3D graphics but on a 2D screen.The next 50 years had better try something different.

I'm glad they put forth their best effort. Other companies will either try to equal Alyx in physics, graphics and A.I., etc or best it going forward. That's only a good thing. Higher standards for VR by using a big franchise name to get the gaming community to notice. A lot of the community don't and the journalists don't with barely any articles until it's something they can't play. That means what Valve did worked as intended.

FullDiveDerail7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

@ -Foxtrot Next Gen Consoles will not be in any way cheap
..the Series X will be at least 600 dollars and PS5 with how things are going ..they will end up paying more for manufacturing ...You can get into PCVR with a pc for 750-800 that's including a some more research before you make outlandish claims.

darthv727d ago

@shadow, VR is not a platform... it's an experience. The platform is what you play it on. Best way to explain it is 3d. 3d is an experience but not a platform. And there are very good examples of 3d put to use [properly] and some examples of it being used as a cash grab because of the experience. VR is the same way. Im not calling it a gimmick (like others tend to do) because I do enjoy VR but this is just one PC game that is meant to move that experience forward and there will be others but as something rises in popularity then you always have those quick cash grabs that cant really make it work without using a crutch (like 3d did and VR will soon enough).

One day i will experience this game the way it was intended, but just not today. Hopefully Valve ports it to other hmd's (like PSVR) and then others can experience it as well. But i'm not holding my breath for that.

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harmny7d ago

Future half life games? Lol

fr0sty7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

You talk of saving up to buy consoles... you had to skip some games to do so, didn't you? This is no different. Just because there's a lot of good games coming out doesn't mean you can't save up to buy a VR kit for your console (if you have a PS4) or PC, both of which will eventually be able to play this game (PSVR is rumored to get it later on, which would make sense given its massive install base). You can buy a PSVR headset only for $250 these days. Those great games will still be there when your wallet recovers, and you'll be able to enjoy a new world of great VR games as well!

L7CHAPEL7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

it's amazing that people just don't get a simple concept:
that I don't want to play (as a lot of people) in VR, I'm not interested in it.
I don't give a shit how immersive it is.
the argument for and against VR and a lot of the arguments about this game, are, in many ways two separate things.
Gabe Newell opened up a lot of old wounds by doing this shit,
because there was a promise [a huge heavy promise] that there were going to be three episodes.
then they stopped flat and never actually justified it, or even answered questions out right for the longest time concerning it.
then he turns around and uses that world to make something exclusive to a platform that only profits him (as usual) when he could have easily released two versions of the game and give people something at least to satiate them, it wouldn't have impacted VR sales or game sales of it in VR in any way shape or form,
thinking that anyone's going to go out and buy VR just to play this is foolish.
it was price drops and availability that have spurned a lot of the sales,
but the release of this game in VR only, also is is a huge slap in the face, from a guy that did something professionally that you damn sure shouldn't do when you have a customer/ fan base:
And that is cast it all aside because you're an arrogant prick, and don't think you have to add answer for your actions and avoid giving a reasonable straightforward explanation for over a decade
and a half, then leave other people to say it.
It's him not keeping his word following through on what he said he would do, because "he got bored with it!?!" I'm not obligated to be held to the same standard anybody else would be, because I am Gabe...
Enjoy Half-Life Alex, and your VR headset and games by all means,
enough with the bullshit of we should adapt to it, and it's moving gaming Forward, it isn't why Gabe did it this way at all.
he did it because he's trying to grow and control market share which is something he has such a repetitive history of doing it's not even funny.
I'm not going to be Forced/ coaxed or coerced or pushed into adopting VR, anymore than you people are going to for mobile.
Screw valve.
and f**k Gabe's fat ass

Apocalypse Shadow7d ago

Sounds like entitlement.

"Poor me!"

HL3 may be made in the future. May even end up in VR. Then, you'll have to decide again if VR is worth it to you. But I don't think Gabe is crying over you crying when it's not HL3. It's a prequel. Not a sequel.

TK-667d ago (Edited 7d ago )


You genuinely sound entitled. Also, can you provide any evidence of Gabe promising to release Half-life 3 on the platform of your choice or that HL3 would even be the next release? No? Then stop bullshitting.

Also, the entitlement of demanding Valve make two drastically different versions of a game so that you can have something to play is on another level. Now take you're even fatter sense of entitlement elsewhere because we have drastically more important thing to be complaining about now.

sampsonon7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

...But a service to the evolution of gaming

Unspoken7d ago

Seriously, cry me a river.

Michiel19897d ago

I totally disagree. So there can never be a vr exclusive game of any franchise because its a disservice to the fans? Yeah it sucks not everyone can play it yet (neither can I), but im happy there is finally a good half life game out there again and I dont mind wiating to play it untill I got a VR kit in the future.

First it was, all vr games suck, now finally a good VR game comes out and we get these kind of comments. People just need to be angry about something all the time it seems

FullDiveDerail7d ago

Whats a disservice is people making claims finally a great VR game...nah we had those since 2016 and a ton of amazing must have full fledged games....just so misinformation still on don't have to pay 1000 USD to get a VR set up...I will keep shouting this..they had the Odyssey + for 225 for a month or so...and there are a lot of decent HMDs that are well under a 1000. I get it ..its how the Internet works people keep feeding their anti vr by reading hate bait articles and videos and the internet will gladly direct you in that direct but those are far from the truth...its almost like flat earth stuff at this point...they do a great job selling their incorrect view

Michiel19897d ago

all the vr games that I have seen have not appaeled to me at all, so yes for me this is the first VR game that peaks my interest and that might make me get a VR kit in the future.before you come up with a llst with all games in VR that are great in your opinion, no i havent seen every VR game out there, but the ones that i have seen dont appeal to me at all.

L7CHAPEL7d ago

people aren't saying "any game" are they?
they're talking about this specific instance.
have you seen them be this way about any other game, concerning VR?

TK-667d ago (Edited 7d ago )

That's not an argument because your entire point is basically screaming "Bu-bu-but, whatta 'bout me?". Stop pretending you're trying to fight against corporate greed when it's really about you just being unable to play a single video game.

You're not entitled to get a game released on the platform of your preference. Now go cry about exclusives somewhere else.

sampsonon6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

actually there are many good vr games already. but you don't own one so i don't expect you to know.
R7 and Firewall Zero Hour are 2 are my favorites so far.
I only own a PSVR so those games are really good for that system.

Hungryalpaca7d ago

Oh come off it. Everyone keeps saying “VR needs a killer app”. It gets one now everyone’s whining it’s a VR game.

L7CHAPEL7d ago

A lot of it isn't about VR at all.
it's about Gabe, half life, and valve.

TheLeapist7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

This argument makes zero sense. Half-life Alyx wouldn't exist without VR. It wasn't like they were going to make the game no matter what and then in the end decided to go with VR. It STARTED with them wanting to make a VR game and then evolved into a Half-Life game. No VR = No Half-Life Alyx. Period. So the only argument that's left to be made is they shouldn't have made the game at all if it wasn't going to be available to everyone. Which is a ridiculous and extremely childish argument.

L7CHAPEL7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

"No VR, no Half life Alex, period"
the majority of Anger/Furor, at the center of it, is the shit that he pulled with half life episode 3,
and then years later,
releases a half life project,
exclusive to a technology platform he wants to further, that only serves him,
after giving everybody a huge slap in the face 17 years ago.
that's what this is about.
a man that feels he's above having to answer for giving his word and not keeping it, from the fan base and customers/clientele he fucked.

kitano19477d ago

seethe some-more L7chapel im enjoying your breakdown. never ever eh

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