Should Some Game Storylines Be Allowed to End

To inaccurately quote Elsa, sometimes people gotta let it go. Let some game stories end.

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strayanalog7d ago

In my opinion, if it feels like a game or trilogy has come full circle then exercising some self-control instead of being a insane pokemon trainer on speed helps. No need to rob a fan of enjoying a world or character(s), but if a developer wants to milk a franchise then it comes down to the community to vote with their wallet to keep the franchise on target, or, to quote Will Rogers, "The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.”

VenomUK7d ago

Stories have a beginning, a middle and an end but the problem is if it can make a company money an IP will be squeezed beyond its natural life. For some types of character arc it’s best to let the franchise rest.

Or if the game is too valuable then tell it again but with new characters and a new world. This is something Rockstar do well with GTA.

CorndogBurglar6d ago

Agreed. When you look at games like Assassin's Creed, the game isn't even the same thing it used to be.

Or even Gears of War. The trilogy ended the story pretty perfectly. But they wanted that money, so they squeezed more out of it, fighting the same enemies.

At least with something like Halo, the trilogy ended on a perfect note with the defeat of the Covenant. But that series had also built in lore around another potential threat. So it made sense for that series to continue. Or at least made it understandable.

A lot of games don't do that. And I feel thats when they start to really suffer. How many times are the Gears games going to make you fight the Chimera, for instance?

Games should definitely be able to end. But if they make that much money and fans love the series that much, you NEED to come up with a natural progression of the story and have a new threat ready to continue the story. You can't just keep throwing the same villains at the player, even though that story ended in the last game.

Gaming1016d ago

Uncharted proved that a game can be self containing and tell its own story. It doesn't need to end on a cliffhanger, it can have its own beginning, middle and end and feel satisfying when you actually reach the end. It doesn't rely on sequel hype, they all stand alone, and if you can tell a good story you can make as many as you want. Uncharted 4 arguably had the best story, so it's not like you need to cancel a series just because you had 3 iterations.

Additionally, some games aren't story heavy whatsoever. Doom, Call of Duty, they are largely gameplay focused and sell a ton every year, and don't rely on you playing the previous games in order to understand the story moving forward.

FloydianAndroid7d ago

YES.......Video games are turning into the fast and the furious. Not everything needs to be a trilogy or have a sequel. The fast and the furious franchise is 9 deep and I’m still waiting for one that’s not laughably bad.

SyntheticForm7d ago

I thought that nonsense was cringe from the very first one.

DevilOgreFish7d ago

it's up to each individual that doesn't want to keep watching any content.
the world will always keep on turning.

Kados7d ago

Personally enjoyed the plot in Tokyo Drift, but wish they had hired younger actors. Seeing a 30-somthing guy getting scolded by his father and a very obviously mid-late 20s woman walking around in a Japanese school girl outfit was hilariously cringeworthy.

SamPao6d ago

Yeah tokyo drift was really nice

Gaming1016d ago

That actress was 19 or 20 at the time of filming, dummy -_-

Kados6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Odd, now i am seriously questioning reality itself. I just checked and she was 21, the guy was 24. I clearly recall looking them up back when it came out and seeing them listed as 27 and 33, respectively.

Regardless, neither of them passed for anywhere close to 17, as the characters were supposed to be.

Gaming1015d ago

She was 21 at the movie's release. Movies take years of post production to make. She was likely either 19 or 20 at the time of shooting.

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Lakebubkiss7d ago

Lolol fast and fury was laughable trash from the first movie.

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Tech57d ago

i don't know. lots of gamers just love to buy the latest game. and that's why we have so many series spanning to anthologies.

Genkins7d ago

some series do actually pretty well spanning past 3 games. DMC 4 and 5 were pretty good actually.

Lakebubkiss7d ago

5 was better than the first 3 combined.

BLizardXD7d ago

well if the FF7 remake is being sold on multiple games. then you are probably going to wish that the series doesn't end on the first game. there are quite a few stories that are doing better not being limited to the normal series scale.

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The story is too old to be commented.