Game Informer: Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip Review

Game Informer: "Road Trip is the arcade-leaning bunny hill to the Xbox 360 version's simulation-flavored black diamond. The game ditches the open world snowboarding in favor of closed events challenging your racing, big air, half-pipe, and trick skills. I missed the option to just shred down a mountain, but the game's cartoonish approach feels more genuine than the oddball, marketing-heavy tone of the other versions. The Wii remote controls make turning and jumping easy, but rotating your boarder while in the air is an inexact science. Road Trip also makes use of the Wii Balance Board, which works well for turning but makes it much harder to generate velocity than with the remote. This is by no means an X Games favorite, but if you're a Wii balance board owner looking for a casual experience, you could do much worse."

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