Nemesis Is Coming For You In These Exclusive Resident Evil 3 Screens

To whet your appetite for fear, take a look at these exclusive screens of Capcom's iconic monsters in action.

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Knightofelemia2d ago

Come on Capcom break the street date for the NA release date I am itching to play it.

dreamed2d ago

Sorry too piss on everyone’s chips,the latest news is that physical copies are gonna be delayed due to it.

neomahi2d ago

People think the word exclusive matters in something like this? The games our soon, so why do I wanna waste my time with this article other than to tell people to not sucker for cheap reads to try and make this guy rich for being cheap.

dreamed2d ago

Actually I think it’s only delayed in Europe.....

zacfoldor2d ago

Oh wow, I'm ready. Capcom is awesome!