Japan getting Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation 4 bundles

Final Fantasy VII Remake Pack is a debut pack that includes the PS4 main unit and software, ideal for those who are planning to purchase PlayStation®4 and start Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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mockzer08d ago

Seems like a missed opportunity to make a special edition PS4. 🤔

porkChop8d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. This game is an event 20+ years in the making. Perfect opportunity for a special edition console.

Tross8d ago

I have to agree with this.

MeteorPanda7d ago

ps5 is like right over the horizon tho. no ones buying a ps4

xX-oldboy-Xx7d ago

PS4 is still selling - crazy isn't it.

Ninte8d ago

As soon as I read the FF bundle then I thought it's just the standard ps4.

Ratchet758d ago

They could not make a special edition for FF7 remake??
WTF sony!

glennhkboy8d ago

I think it's because FF VII was not as popular in Japan as in the West. Maybe Sony Japan just treat this a a regular exclusive bundle, not pushing very eagerly.

BrainSyphoned8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

List of best selling games in Japan all time. Guess #17 behind a bunch of Mario and Pokemon is being unpopular. (From 2012)

#17 Final Fantasy VII for Playstation – 4M copies
This 1997 game was a smash not only in Japan but around the world. Square left the Nintendo console for the then-new Playstation claiming that the Nintendo64’s cartridge style was too limiting for them. The result was a mass exodus to the new game system establishing the Playstation as a major contender in the console wars – all thanks to FFVII.

Knightofelemia7d ago

Wish it was a themed console this is a big game to release on PS4 that people have wanted to be made for a long time. Last themed FF was a PS3 Sony could make mad cash off a FF7 themed console. I have the Spiderman PS4 and the UC4 PS4 I would preorder a FF7 PS4 right away. If Sony were to do a themed console I would want it based off the characters one PS4 has Sephiroth on it another has Cloud, Aerith on another and so on.