Call of Duty Warzone Cheating Is Making The Game Unplayable

"Call of Duty Warzone has been out for more than two weeks, and cheating reports are mounting as the game continues to grow. Will Warzone be another battle royale game plagued with cheaters?" Dante of Game Life

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colins9d ago

This is inevitable in any game. What else are these low lives going to do? Play the game like everyone else?

gtxgamer28d ago

You would think that their lack of skill would encourage them to get better at the game, but no. They gotta ruin the experience for everyone else

8d ago
windblowsagain7d ago

Totally agree, but tbh not everyone does or will ever get better.

I've seen it in other games with people. They did not resort to cheating but they never got any better.

Gaming1017d ago

Consoles are a lot harder to hack but it's still possible, I've seen a few aim bots on console. Either that or they're playing keyboard and mouse to make it really easy.

SirBruce7d ago

Free to play PC games, do you mean, isn't it? Because when you pay for an online service, it is more difficult to have these problems.

BlackDoomAx8d ago

I quit playing PC 20 years ago because it was already plagued by cheaters. The main reason why I switched to console. Look at cod on console only vs when you play cross platform: day and night.

Jin_Sakai8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Agreed. That’s why console should never have crossplay with PC. The cheaters are all over the place and ruin the experience.

AnubisG8d ago

When I said this when they announced that there will be crossplay, everyone voted me down. I knew it was just a matter of time before people actually experience PC gamers ruining o line games by either using some sort of cheat or by the superior precision of K/M.

Well everyone cheered and wanted crossplay. Here you go guys.

Edgelordsupreme8d ago

In the standard multiplayer it's really not that prevalent.

PurpHerbison8d ago

Crossplay isn't a bad thing. Poor anti-cheat is. Console players have methods of BS too.

DigitallyAfflicted8d ago

My cross play is turns off I wish I could play only with people who use controllers

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Kabaneri8d ago

Cheaters or not, KB/Mouse players should not be in the same lobbies as console players, the advantage is simply too much.

SamPao8d ago

I remember Unreal Tournament 3 had crossplay with pc and you had an option to play with mouse and keyboard and to you could choose if you wanted to play with kb/mouse players.
thats fine with me

BlackDoomAx8d ago

Surely it is an advantage, but it's still playable. But when someone auto headshot or see/fire through walls, it isn't.

CDbiggen8d ago

Ground War also forces you to play crossplay, weird seeing as you're never going to be short of a full lobby.

Gahl1k8d ago

Call of Duty has been Dead on Arrival on PC since Ghosts anyway (except Black Ops III).

Giblet_Head8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

So how has inexpensive lag switches and modded controllers worked for you? Or did you forget those are so rampant they have dedicated communities for popular titles? It's naive to think switching platforms makes a difference. Warzone's problem is that 1. It's extremely popular and 2. it's anti-cheat method is by default garbage.

jeromeface8d ago

There's cheating on console too, lol

D3TH_D33LR8d ago

exact same reason I left pc gaming after the half life 2 era. Great times for pc gaming then but the cheating became more and more of an issue for the fps games I would play. Absolutely no interest in pc gaming anymore now that most games don’t support mods either. Rather an even playing field on consoles but even they’re getting bad with bs like Xim and Chronus being used by absolute scrubs.

HaVoK3088d ago

I switched for that exact reason.

anubusgold8d ago

There are cheaters on console as well my buddy from work just got banned for cheating.

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bu3ouf918d ago

Angry Trashnite player 😂

Gahl1k8d ago

What does Fortnite have to do with this?

nowitzki20048d ago

I am assuming there is a deep heated rivalry or something lol

quenomamen8d ago

Thank you to all the cry babies who demanded cross-play for the last couple years. I always turn that crap off on PS4

TKCMuzzer8d ago

Yep, even though the devs constantly shove the 'turn crossplay on' nonsense for a better chance of filling the lobby. Devs, on PS4, there will always be enough players to fill the lobby, i turned it off for a reason, stop with the message.

GTgamer8d ago

Yeah they keep trying to force you to put it back on like come on you guys had no problems filling a lobby in Cod before cross play especially on PS4.

InUrFoxHole7d ago

It's great to have the option. It shouldn't be forced though.

jjb19818d ago

I play on PC so the only way for me to actually have any kind of challenge is to not play with console players. They should have never allowed cross play with PC.

Edgelordsupreme8d ago

The Crossplay is already based on input method.

InUrFoxHole7d ago

It's based on game mode as well. You can only play plunder,br, warzone on crossplatform

PEdiPRANTA8d ago

You must be the best gamer in the world. That's why everybody know you. Congratulations, you living legend

jjb19818d ago

Thanks bro. I got tired of destroying console players even with their aim assist on high. Its just not fun.

PurpHerbison8d ago

COD hasn't been a strong PC title since COD2. It is very much a console game these days and without the console playerbase I could see PC lobbies bleeding out soon after the hype fizzles. PC COD playerbase is easily the smallest of the 3 and needs crossplay for longevity.

jjb19818d ago

You are absolutely right. With Warzone being free it will maintain a huge playerbase. I think on PC the regular multiplayer will die soon. I play with PC players only and it takes a while to fill lobbies now that Warzone is out.

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