Koei Tecmo found global success by focusing on its Japanese identity

CEO Hisashi Koinuma on being trusted with big IPs, making an asset of the firm's Asian identity, and its goal of making a 5m-selling original IP.

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Thundercat77393d ago

Nioh 2 is such a great game. Team Ninja has created one of the best RPGs of this generation. I wish Koei Tecmo great success with its vision.

Rambokind393d ago

You sound like a robot. Or an ESL learner.

AK91392d ago

You sound like an idiot

zacfoldor393d ago

For me, Nioh 2 is GotY so far. Such an epic game.

AK91392d ago

Yes that's great but please don't overcharge for everything in any of your future games like you are with DOA6 and please for the love of god make Ninja Gaiden 4.