Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Cloud Can Be 'A Bit Lame', Says Writer

The creators of Final Fantasy 7 Remake have revealed new details about the re-written core characters, including how Cloud isn't quite as cool as you remember.

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RpgSama7d ago

He was plenty cool in the Demo, so I'll wait to pass judgement.

ilikestuff7d ago

I remember him being a hardass in the beginning and chilling out later when they all become friends and try to save the world

SyntheticForm7d ago

“For this game I have gone much deeper into the inner psychology of Cloud, the main character,” Nojima said. “In the original I depicted him as a cool and stylish character. However, this time, he can miss the mark and be a little cringe-worthy at times. His cool facade can often slip. Because he wants people to accept him and respect him, he puts on a front. So, when he doesn't know something he just goes ‘Not interested’. I have written him in a way that makes you think that ‘Not interested’ might not be a cool thing to say, but can sometimes be a bit lame.”

“I am nervous about whether the fans will accept that or not,” he added.

Babadook77d ago (Edited 7d ago )

What they mean is there are now more nuances to his typical cool demeanour where he is more flawed (lame). They wanted to flesh out the dialogue. The dialogue writer was now given more room to develop dialogue than he originally had.

Vanfernal7d ago

I like his new characterization. Like when Barret asked if about his age and he thought he was talking about the soldier rank. The contrast of him being cool for some things but a clueless idiot for others gives him some charm, which is what FF desperately needs.

Rebel_Scum7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

He was cocky in the original, and a dumbass. If anything they're on point with his character judging by the demo.

Poopmist7d ago

Lame characters tend to be lame

godofiron7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

This was original Cloud in all his glory, until they took one phase/aspect of his character (gloomy/depressed) and made it the default in all the subsequent incarnations of him in Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart games.

He was a jerk, arrogant, strong and cool, until far into his journey, he had a crisis of faith in himself, and he became a passionate leader who fought valiantly together with his friends to conquer his demon(s)(Sephiroth) and save the planet.

This looks and sounds like a return to form, possibly surpassing the original in some respects, and I'm so here for it.

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