Half-Life: Alyx – The $1500 Video Game You’ll Probably Never Play

Half-Life: Alyx is challenging the notion of the "VR system seller."

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Babadook7251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

“ Put it all together, and you’ll see that it’s really not unrealistic to suggest that Half-Life: Alyx is, essentially, a $1500 game for the unprepared user.”

Uh. Millions of users are fully prepared to take on Alyx.

It’s going to sell well.

Anomander251d ago

Game is phenomenal looking! Running with a i5 4670K, RTX 2070 Super, and 16GB of Ram. Played a few hours and no issues at all. Most immersive VR experience yet. Easy to get lost and just pick up things and not advance far.

_SilverHawk_251d ago

It's a quality vr system and is the best imo at the moment. Sometimes quality costs a bit more. I'm glad half life alyx has great reviews because I think vr is the best medium for games. Great games will entice more developers to make great games for vr which will make gamers buy more vr headsets.

specialguest251d ago

I just downloaded and tested it out. I'm running an i5 4670k and a Gtx 1080 w/16gb ram. No issues at all either. This is the most graphically impressive VR game to date. It's also very responsive in terms of picking objects up and throwing it. I've played Boneworks and sometimes objects don't project the way you want it to when you throw it

PS4Gamer1984251d ago

Weird, you and specialguest comments are pretty much the same thing, yet his like/dislike ratio for his comment is 7/0 while yours is 11/13. Just an interesting observation is all

frank_a251d ago

"Millions" is a HUGE overestimate, my guy. There are better ways to defend this game, to which I'd be on your side and agree with you on. But to say that it'll sell well is kind of fantastical.

Casepb251d ago

Not really, there are at least 10 million PC gamers with headsets already. I see HL Alyx selling at least 1 million this year. And as time goes on it will sell millions more no problemo.

xTonyMontana251d ago

Thing is with VR games, they sell well after launch. It's like a whole new platform, I'm buying games released in 2017.

gamerben250d ago

Alyx is THE killer app for VR though... Other games have done well but none were of this scope

CaptainHenry916251d ago

Using my Oculus Quest to play it

Zeref251d ago

Also there's VR headsets that are 300 dollars out there that can play this.

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igorgum251d ago

Do we really need to keep posting about how a 500usd pc and a 180usd headset is enough to play it around here?

roadkillers251d ago

But is it enough to play Crisis?

Agent_00_Revan251d ago

You still can't play that game on Max settings. Maybe some day...

xTonyMontana251d ago

Not even that, you can play it on an Oculus Quest without dedicated PC hardware.

Anomander251d ago

ahhh last I checked the price I paid was the price of the game...

jeromeface251d ago

I guess your headset was free huh?

starchild251d ago

Was your console and your TV free too?

nowitzki2004251d ago

LOL You are so dumb. And I am totally not sorry.

FullDiveDerail250d ago

A lot of us have been hard into VR since 2016. You dont need to be rich to be a VR gamer I dont even have a good income and i could get into it. It's just all about might pay to match for vehcile that you only use when you go to work or just sets in your garage..or you might eat out all the time.

Dom_Estos251d ago

starchild6h ago
Was your console and your TV free too?

Nothing more to add to that, really. Those crying about it being VR only need to accept that eventually more and more big games like this are going to get made for VR. They were expecting - sorry, hoping - that it was a fad and it'd be dead by now. Well, here we are in 2020 and guess what...

Anomander251d ago

You guys are dumb, most of us who bought VR for PC bought it for the tech. Sure, there was always going to be games and other apps to the play, but it was about the VR experience.

That's like saying you need add the cost of a 4k tv to your console to the price of your games on Sony PS4

Gaming4Life1981251d ago

If you dont already have a gaming pc that can run vr I doubt that someone is really going to build a pc and buy a vr headset for 1 game.

I dont understand why people keep making these articles.

FITSniper251d ago

I think that's the point. That many don't have a gaming PC capable of playing it. Or even if they do, they don't have a VR setup.

xenz251d ago

But its an stupid argument. Its like that for every game. You need the hardware to play it.

xTonyMontana251d ago

If you can afford to spend £500+ on a graphics card, you can afford to buy into VR. A new Half Life scoring so highly will sell VR units.

Gaming4Life1981251d ago


You dont need a high end gaming pc to play vr and I see alot of non vr players making that excuse. Most gaming PC's can run vr and if they cant then their computer is way out of date. I mainly use my laptop which is new to run vr but my computer that's still using a old cpu with ddr3 memory and a rx 580 can run vr.

My point was that the people that like vr have vr and the people that dont do not want/like vr. Vr is cheap so it's no excuse not to have it unless you dont want it. I just wish people would stop making the excuse making it seem like vr cost so much.

One more thing every article like this seems to think that everyone starts from scratch. If that were the case then the same thing can be said about consoles if someone had no tv, no console, and no game.

Neonridr251d ago

but if you have a gaming PC, then you remove a big hurdle out of the price of entry. That's like saying that someone won't go out and buy a PS4 + PSVR. But if they already own a PS4, then it's less cost to them.

Naturally in this equation the VR headset is more for the PC side than it is for the PS4 side, but that's also due to the tech inside the headset powering it.

jeromeface251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

@xtonymontana a 12 hour half life game after all this wait is a slap in the face to fans, especially considering it doesn't push the story forward considering its a prequel. But way to buy into valves tech demo to sell index's. VR is years away from being mainstream.

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Agent_00_Revan251d ago

Agree. Love Half-life, was devistated at the cliffhanger all those years ago in Ep 2, even more hurt they never finished the story. But even if my PC is capable of VR, I don't have a VR helmet. And I doubt I'll be buying one anytime soon. Really want to play this game, but I'm not buying a VR for one game.

jeromeface251d ago

you are not alone, not even hyped at all for a prequel tbh... they dropped the ball

Dom_Estos251d ago

A VR "helmet"?

LOL enough said, really.

FullDiveDerail250d ago

You would be mistaken if you think that VR is only worth getting into because of this one game. There are tons of amazing titles like Asgards Wrath and Lone Echo. Real high quality titles. None of us would be into VR if there was only one game worth playing some research.

FullDiveDerail250d ago

Most of the people complaining never even played a Half Life game and they are just arguinig for the sake of it.

Hungryalpaca251d ago

Is any console game also the combined with the cost of the console as well?

What about people who don’t have 4k tvs or good speakers?

Shinkus251d ago

Technically any game on psvr is the cost of the console + the headset, so yes.