How To Fight And Evade Nemesis In Resident Evil 3 Remake's Demo

Those that have played Resident Evil 3 remake's demo will already be well aware of how terrifying Nemesis is, but how can one best fight the monster?

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Homushi8d ago

I don't understand. In the demo you barely confront Nemesis. Once you confront him for first time, you simply go to the gate and attach the hose and then the demo is over. The whole "battle" with nemesis lasts like 2-3min. I don't think evading him is an issue.

Kosic8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Guess it depends how you approach it.
I went through the wrong direction, came through the cafe and out the other side. Starting the nemesis event and had a bullache time afterwards, as I didn't finish exploring every building. If I had gotten the other bits first, I doubt I would've had an extreme cat and mouse chase.
Not sure how many had the same issue as me, but it did make me question the experience and somewhat put me off at the time.
But seeing a few articles, I just got unlucky with my progression list order.

KwietStorm8d ago

Can't wait for someone to make a OG Nemesis skin mod.