PlayStation Plus April 2020 Lineup Leaked

The PlayStation Plus lineup for April 2020 wasn’t due to be announced until next week but today a video leaked revealing what the free games for the upcoming month will be.

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darthv729d ago

If true then I can get my UC4 back from my son and he can get his own copy from PS+. Im curious about something. If he chooses to add the game to his machine from +, will it just work with the data already installed from disc and just allow him to play without the disc?

I know games installed from disc on xbox one, and then later offered in gamepass, will let you play without the disc if you are a gamepass member. Just curious if it was the same for + games.

TGGJustin9d ago

As far as I know it doesn't work like that on PS4. He'll have to delete it and then download it.

darthv729d ago

Do you know if it works the other way? Meaning if a game installed from + and then you decide to no longer be a member, would it still work with the disc inserted (and not have to install again)?

TGGJustin9d ago

I don't know for sure but I would guess that wouldn't work either.

ilikestuff9d ago

Are these leaks ever right?

Shadow Man8d ago

TGGJustin is correct! I had to delete my game data from Firewall Zero hour game to be able to download the PS+ version.

Petebloodyonion8d ago

@Darth I don't know if they fix this but I tried a couple of years ago and it's installed the game twice.

bouzebbal8d ago

I wish they gave vr game every month

genericgamer018d ago

@ilikestuff There don't seem to be many legit looking leaks for PS+ free games, usually just speculation, so it's hard to tell.

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dekke9d ago

save games + trophies works...if u had physical before and now get digital simply doesnt work

Crazyglues8d ago

Very good question, and Yes but depends... So you say your son has your disc copy - ok this works but not always and I'll explain...

1. -If you are playing in the same region than yes, will work. Save files are region locked. So if you are in europe but playing a U.S disc the save files will not work because they will need a U.S digital copy not a europe digital copy. So long as it's all in the same region

2. -Second thing, if he has saves and downloads a digital copy it should work fine, as long as he deletes the Disc copy / when you delete the game the saves will still be there, but the game must be deleted for it to use the digital copy of the game / to be safe save your games saves to a usb stick. then Delete the game. and when you install the digital it should all just work...

darthv728d ago

its kind of weird that it wont work but I understand it now.

moujahed8d ago

His save will work. Just make sure he uploads his save file online so it’s safe... if he has PsPlus it does this automatically and he will good. I don’t think the Trophies transfer so he may be earning a whole new set of Trophy’s for the digital version.

zaanan8d ago

Just went back and checked TLOU and Borderlands THC- trophies transferred just fine from disc to digital for me, so this should work.

DarXyde8d ago

I don't know for sure, but I do have a similar situation that probably isn't directly applicable. I did have Driveclub on PS+, but I got the full game on Black Friday on disc. When I popped the disc in, it needed to delete the old file and install from the disc. A few things you should know about my context: I do not know if Driveclub on PS+ was the full game that comes on the disc that just required an unlock fee. If so, then deleting that version for the same game seems really odd. But if the Plus version was missing a lot of files, the delete/ new install makes sense.

Sadly, I'm not sure. I sense that people who have a game on Plus have no reason to buy that game separately (traditionally speaking); likewise, someone who buys a game that is later added to Plus likely has little incentive to test this hypothesis.

Sorry, I have nothing concrete. If I had to guess, it needs to be deleted in favor of the other version. Being on Plus, there are likely file restrictions in place.

Petebloodyonion8d ago

You have to delete your installation and re-install it from PS-+

uth118d ago

He will need to reinstall, but he can keep his game saved data

CrimsonWing698d ago

No a digital copy is separate from the physical. I know this because of Nioh when that became PS+

jaymacx8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

i am pretty sure disc games only work with a disc install and plus games only work with plus install. I have had to delete some of the disc games so i could play digitally. Saves should be the same though.

C-H-E-F8d ago

They have two different sets of data files. You have to delete it and reinstall regardless if you had the disc first and then download ps+ or download ps+ then get the disc.

darthv728d ago

@all above, thanks for that info. Last month he got the UC collection from + and asked me if I had 4 (which I do) so I lent him the disc. I wasn't aware that the games (though being the same) use different data sets. I figured it would just see the installed data and just let him continue to play without the disc. I will warn him of that if he decides to get it from + next month (if this leak is true).

On a side note, I didnt even know that gamepass did this until i went to play some gears 4. I was all ready to pop the disc in when it told me to but it just loaded right up with a "Gamepass" logo in the lower corner (that fades away). I was like... whoa I dont need my disc. If I cancel GP then yeah I would need the disc but I thought that was really neat. That's what prompted me to ask if + did the same thing.

thanks again.

Dirtnapstor8d ago

If you have a disc based game installed, you’ll have to delete it and download the digital version if you want to play w/o the disc.

darthv728d ago

Yeah that's what I'm reading. Kind of weird but I understand it now.

Exvalos8d ago

Hmmm, I have a few games that got offered on plus and I have the physical, I'll have to test this out, but I'm thinking no.

rainslacker8d ago

He'll have to delete the game and install it from disc. A disc and a download are two different executables. He will be able to use his save data though.

I have a few games from disc that came along with PS+, and if they were games I was playing, or would play, I had to download it.

darthv728d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Seems kind of backwards way to do it. I dont know why they couldnt just keep the core installation data and just apply the right license to use it. If it was from a disc then a flag is present that tells the system to require the disc to play the installed data. If you get the digital version (same core data) but this time there is a digital license applied that tells the system no disc is required.

Im not sure how MS has done it but games i installed from disc I dont need the disc if those games are in gamepass. Its like my games are now able to be played because i am a gamepass member and all it checks is my membership. It sees im a GP member and the games play. If i werent then it would prompt me to insert the disc to play.

rainslacker8d ago

Not sure the reasons why, but I imagine it has something to do with the DRM involved in game releases. WIth a disc game, it checks to make sure the disc is in the drive to authenticate if someone has a legal copy. A digital version will check it against whatever DRM they use to check rights for digital games.

Knightofelemia8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


No once you get the game with plus you have it for free yes but once your plus is up you can't access the game anymore unless you rebuy it either digital or physical. I would have just kept the disc to begin with trading games is useless unless its a really really shitty title and UC4 is not a shitty title.

darthv728d ago

okay... but nobody is talking about trading games. Question was already answered. Thanks.

Knightofelemia8d ago


When you said get my UC4 back for my son I assumed you traded the game off

jmtstan8d ago

it is treated as different game, even if its same region and country. I own Just Cause 3 disc.

so when i try this theory, sold the disc the moment i learn it is free on Plus, it download differently even though the game still not deleted in my hard disk. you have to redownload the DLC too.

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Elda9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

If true meh for me. I really enjoyed U4 but I don't want to play it again nor Dirt Rally. During these dire times while I'm home thankfully I have a nice library of games to play.

cqett8d ago

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Eidolon9d ago

Same. I've bought on day 1 and beat UC4 on crushing first playthrough, not looking to play it again. Not into racing games like this until I get a wheel.

Knushwood Butt9d ago

You did well to beat crushing. I did it recently and that gun fight on the multi-floored abandoned building towards the end of the game was insanely difficult. Must have taken me 100 + attempts before I finally beat it (without any cheats / infinite ammo enabled).

Eidolon8d ago

Yeah a lot of parts on there so many attempts I wanted to quit, felt it was impossible, but got through. :D

TGGJustin8d ago

It's confirmed. It was a video from the PlayStation Access channel that was then pulled.

JustTheFax9d ago

A 4 year old game that most of us played through when it was new. Hmm

sagapo9d ago

Lucky me then. Never got to playing UC4. I know, shame on me and all that ;)

JustTheFax8d ago

Nothing wrong with that. It is a beautiful game and nice tech showcase...just kinda one of those play through once and then done games. I have a huge backlog, so I rarely play through games more than once.

generic-user-name8d ago

The entitled whiners are never far away.

TheRealHeisenberg8d ago

Most of us that game on PlayStation are entitled whiners so...

Hawk1986668d ago

You're whining about people whining.

yomfweeee8d ago

Wow, UC4 sold 100+ million copies?

Ninver8d ago

I'm one of many who still haven't had the chance to play U4 believe it or not. Whilst early adopters may be disappointed it's a welcomed addition. I've heard mixed reactions towards it but I'm looking forward to experiencing the title.

JackBNimble8d ago

Did you know that " most " would mean greater than 50% ?

genericgamer018d ago

"most of us"? UC4 sold an impressive 16 million copies, but that's less than 20% of PS4s sold, I'd hardly say that's most of us.

JustTheFax8d ago

Because no one rented it from gamefly, redbox, or bought it used. Riiiight

S2Killinit7d ago

Not many people do that, unless you think over 84 million people bought it used or rented?

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Good-Smurf9d ago

I hope DIRT Rally is confirm soon,I'm itching for some off road racing for awhile now since GT SPORT put almost zero effort into off road racing I loved that game but it definitely tuned towards track racing and dirt tracks were the first thing to added but they want to do e-sports so sacrifice were made.

TGGJustin8d ago

This is a real leak. It was a video on the PlayStation Access channel that they always upload when the games are announced. Someone messed up and put it up a week early.

whitbyfox8d ago

Hopefully they don’t swap it like the Pro Evo/Detroit fiasco then.

MrVux0009d ago

Well nothing for me this month. Already have UC4 and have no interest in Dirt Rally