AusGamers Reviews Mirror's Edge

AusGamers writes:

Is your child, spouse or friend an illegal Runner? If you've been noticing some unusual behaviour about them lately, they might very well have gotten themselves into a dangerous, criminal lifestyle. Thankfully, there are five ways of discovering if they have indeed taken to this illegal lifestyle:

1. Telltale scuffmarks on their clothes.
2. Unexplained scrapes, bruises or broken bones.
3. Unreliable or unexplained absences from work or school.
4. Calluses on the palms, knuckles and fingertips.
5. A fondness for the colour red.

If this sounds like the person you're concerned about, contact authorities immediately.

This is just the sort of propaganda you're going to find in the world of Mirror's Edge; a not-so-utopian future glossed with the unassuming innocence of the colour white, blanketed upon its concrete surface. Beneath and within its boiling belfry are vibrant, non-confrontational colours of an existential Ikea-esque modern living model – there is no chaos here, only brightly lit pastel order and composure. The city is clean and seemingly safe, a facet (and facade) directly paralleling its clearly accepting (and blissfully ignorant) citizens.

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