The Escapist: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Review

The Escapist writes: "The Castlevania series has always been a boys club. From Simon to Richter Belmont, and even as the heroes started getting a little androgynous (here's looking at you, Alucard), the franchise has been fixated on basically one thing: dudes playing with their whips in dark, musty rooms.

It's also been in dire need of a real shot of life for some time now. Castlevania is one of gaming's most flagrant repeat offenders, with its years-old recycled sprites, tired rehashes of old ideas and cleverly placed veneers of fan service to throw us off the scent of lazy design. The Belmont boys have been sitting on their whips for some time, so leave it to the first Castlevania game with a female protagonist, then, to make the most drastic and successful changes to the franchise since Symphony of the Night seven years ago".

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