God of War's New Comic Will Detail Kratos' Journey After The End Of God Of War 3

A new God of War comic book series from Dark Horse called God of War: Fallen God will focus on Kratos' journey from the end of God of War 3 until the beginning of the most recent franchise entry on the PlayStation 4. Players familiar with the God of War series were taken aback when they were reintroduced to the character in the latest God of War title, as Kratos had not only grown older and abandoned the realm of Greek Mythology but he had also apparently mellowed out over the years and was now a father and teacher.

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SickSinceSix549d ago

"but he had also apparently mellowed out over the years and was now a father" He's been a father since the first God of War

zeuanimals549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

He wasn't raising a child, though. And he put his bloodthirsty ambitions above his duties as a father the first time around, which didn't make him much of a father. Especially since, you know, he killed his wife and daughter.

SickSinceSix549d ago

He couldn't have killed his daughter if he wasn't a father

zeuanimals549d ago


True, but there's a difference between being someone's dad and being their father, if that makes sense.

pwnmaster3000549d ago

lets be honest here, He may have help create that child but he was no father.

Master of Unlocking549d ago

Hum, no, not anymore, since he had inadvertently killed his wife and children in a fit of blind rage caused by Ares in God of War 1. Remember?

Iamnothuman12549d ago

Cool now we get to learn why he forgot how to jump.

SickSinceSix549d ago

Easy, he fell off the cliff and bumped his head

spicelicka549d ago

The gravity in the Greek universe was lower that's all.

MrVux000549d ago

Definately keeping my eye on this one.

terrorofdeath549d ago

Hoping GOW2 either starts with explaining how he got there and how he met Faye, or at least has some sort of flashback sequence. Always wanted to know how he made it into the Norse 'universe'.