NXE Netflix streaming loses Sony's Columbia Pictures movies

James Ransom-Wiley writes:Our Netflix streaming queues just got considerably shorter on the eve of the NXE launch. Acting on a tip, we popped into our Netflix account and sure enough, our "Instant Queue" had a new "Notes" column with an oft-repeated, red (nobody likes red!) notice: "Not available on Xbox." Logging onto Xbox Live (with an NXE account) confirmed that these titles were no longer available for streaming on Xbox 360.

We've reached out to Microsoft for a full explanation -- so keep your fingers crossed that this is just a launch period mishap (like someone flipped the wrong switch ... or something). We're betting on licensing issues, though, which could further cripple the service. Currently, there's no way to tell if a title is excluded from Xbox streaming until it's added to the Queue (reminder: this can only be done from a separate computer). We're not much for statistics, but we can tell you that 13 of 110 items in our Instant Queue are now unavailable, all of which are feature films. The blackout seems to have hit a range of flicks, from: Superbad to Bad Boys; Drunken Master to the entire Karate Kid trilogy (that's right -- the entire trilogy! We don't count that Next Karate Kid noise). We'll update when we learn more.

Update: We've found a common thread! All of the affected titles from our Queue are distributed by Columbia Pictures. Columbia Pictures, of course, is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Microsoft rival Sony. Case closed?

Oddly enough, Sony Picture Entertainment movies (listed here) are still Xbox-enabled.


Update 2: It appears that the sudden yoinking of Columbia Pictures films from NXE Instant Queue access is a licensing issue with Sony after all. MTV Multiplayer pinged us with word that, on the rental service's official blog, Netflix corp. communications VP Steve Swasey writes:

"As watching instantly becomes a more prominent part of the Netflix service, our goal is to have all of our streaming content licensed for all of our partner devices. We're doing well in this area, but it will take some time before we fully achieve that goal. Today, titles regularly come in and out of license and there is a natural ebb and flow to what we have on license at any given point in time. In the case of Xbox 360, a few hundred titles are temporarily unavailable to be streamed via the Xbox game console. Those titles are still available to be watched on subscribers' computers and on TVs via other partner devices, and we hope they'll be licensed for Xbox 360 shortly."

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sonarus4596d ago

lol sony must be feeling the NXE launch pressure

PirateThom4596d ago

Or maybe they just don't want a rival to have access to their catalogue?

Bnet3434596d ago

So why the hell do I see Windows on Vaio laptops? Does Microsoft get money that? If so, wouldn't Sony get money from selling movies on NXE?

austere4596d ago

ya...I've been reading comments from various sites bashing Sony for this. Yet all I can think is...finally Sony is doing something to fight back. MS started with all the exclusive content BS and then they got an exclusive demo for the new Tomb Raider game. Glad to see that Sony is starting to give a little instead of just sitting back and taking all the punishment. Yet all the kids are bashing them for it...

PirateThom4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Because, Sony pay a license to have Windows on their Vaio laptops which does go to Microsoft. Microsoft cutting Sony out would be a huge loss.

This is just Microsoft leeching Sony's movies at no cost to themselves, because Netflix have already paid licensing.

4596d ago
austere4596d ago

Which is good! Now they can go out and buy a PS3 and own both consoles like me and we can all live and peace and harmony!

:( not gonna happen I know.

Bodhi4596d ago

I really hate Sony for this, honestly now. They gone and spoilt Netflix a little, I was looking forward to watching the Drunken Master, The Karate Kid trilogy and Bad Boys 2 at launch. WTF SONY. WHY.

That's the epitome of a b*tch move come on. Windows mobile on Sony's phones? Windows Vista on Sony's laptops? No Sony movies on 360 Netflix?

I understand the whole licensing thing but COME ON, NOT ON LAUNCH. WHY. Superbad? Nope. Bad Boys? Nope. Karate Kid? Nope. 007? Nope.

Seriously, f*ck you Sony.

I will still be buying Killzone 2 but seriously, Sony. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO WATCH BAD BOYS NOW?!

I want compensation or something here...

I'm done with the ranting and Sony bashing, still this was certainly not cool. It was a stealth move too.

Hopefully this gets resolved, if the 360 doesn't get licensed to watch those movies... I don't know, Sony wouldn't be the high and mighty, respectable company as I once thought they were.

Doppy4596d ago

WOW. Sony's playing hardball.

PimpHandHappy4596d ago

and owned the rights to MANY things entertainment

Netflix wouldnt be around and MS would have there own site based off streaming movies

after killing the mother of the founder of Netflix


but really
Im sure Sony will allow netflix to have those movies back! Just after they dump the 360

Anon19744596d ago

Just buy a PS3. I'm sure Sony's flicks will be available on Sony's movie service. Otherwise...tough it out. It's not like there still aren't movies to watch on XBL.

thewhoopimen4596d ago

Perhaps Sony should play some hardball after having lost so many exclusives this gen, being slandered by MS, etc. MS has literally been the biggest douchebag this console generation.

@Bodhi: Btw, Sony does pay MS for their use of the Windows licenses. MS however, doesn't pay for Sony's film licenses... rather Netflix does.

pumpkinpunker4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

now, that would be a bigger deal. Linux, anyone? Sony's PC/laptop revenue down the drain. Apple doesn't share MAC/OS with anyone. Sony should play hardball but they may find the street going two ways if they push too hard.

BWS19824596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

I was thinking what Pimphand was, if the tables were turned, you know MS would be doing EXACTLY the same thing. MS always fights with hardball, it's so rare Sony throws one back, and now that they do, fanboys are up in arms? C'mon, it was business when MS did things like this, but now it's a "b*tch move"??? Umm, no, it's still business, and that's even if it was Sony's choice. Get real, it's nothing more than a turned table for once (not that this is a "ha ha in your face", but rather, hey, that's the console war, just consider these movies "exclusives that MS didn't buy")

facepalm4596d ago

People... Take a deep breath... (This thread is filled with much "WAAAAAAHHHH")

Remember that you, Netflix users, still have the PC and Mail-in service to use to get these movies. And if you that desperate to see the movie right at that moment, then just head over to your local video joint and rent it... Is it really that hard to do??

As much as I don't like the move, it is a viable business tactic, since the NetX360 video service is in direct competition with Sony's downloadable movie service, and hey it's Sony's property anyways...

BTW... Sony pays Microsoft to use Windows on their laptops, since they're not in competition in that market... In fact Sony and Microsoft exist "cooperatively" as a hardware and software producers respectably... But in the console industry they are competitors since they have similar products (PS3/X360, PSN Video/Netflix) "competing" against each other in the same field...

It's just like how I look at Microsoft paying for timed exclusives and exclusive DLC. (Both of which I despise...)

I hate the ideas, but they are all a part of business...

In the end, this is a pathetically small thing, since you have other options to retrieve the movies. Seriously... MOVE ALONG PEOPLE!!

Note: If you won't accept the other methods and keep on b1tching, I'm sorry, but you're either a fanboy, or a pathetically lazy, ignorant bastard.

JasonXE4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

ahhh man no, not the karate kid trilogy. Mr. Kesuke Miyagi please say it ain't so. ><

facepalm4596d ago

^-^ Mr. Miyagi is a bit occupied at the moment...

DocEvil4596d ago

Because this is the stuff that anti-trust suits are made of and this isn't the first time Sony has danced with competition law.

RememberThe3574596d ago

Just a regular licensing issue. First you guys were getting on Sony for not playing hardball and letting they're movies on th 360 and now you slam them for playing hardball and not letting their movies on the

And as for the Windows and Vaio situation. MS and Sony would both loss if they were to cut that tie.

BattleAxe4596d ago

I think that Sony Pictures should yank all of their movies from Netflix. MS started it all with buying game exclusive content and then you have Arron Greenburg and Shane Kim talking trash all the time towards Sony.

The NXE deserves it!

BWS19824596d ago

you're going "wtf" because you're confusing 2 groups of people and thinking they're the same group. Look at your post and try to seperate the 2 groups.

4596d ago
GameDev4596d ago

"really hate Sony for this, honestly now. They gone and spoilt Netflix a little, I was looking forward to watching the Drunken Master, The Karate Kid trilogy and Bad Boys 2 at launch. WTF SONY. WHY.

That's the epitome of a b*tch move come on."

funny you say that dude because THIS ENTIRE GEN HAS BEEN ONE BIG B1TCH MOVE BY MICROSOFT. They've been playing dirty all along, and now that Sony is finally giving them the finger with their intellectual property (something they have every right in the world to do to a competitor) and the fanboys don't like it?? Would I venture to guess these are the same people that "lolollololololo" "Ps3rddddd" and what not whenever M$ took something away from PS3 gamers? And now these same people expect anyone of us to give a crap?? Thats just proves they are immature fanboys who think there are no consequences for the actions and decisions they take in life.

4596d ago
4596d ago
RareNimbus4596d ago

I totally agree with u there. couldnt say any better! i'm for real!!

4596d ago
phosphor1124596d ago

It wouldn't be as much as stunting the NXE launch.

Solid_Skip4596d ago

the pressure it looks like sony is making a lot of money off of xbox new program.

SL1M DADDY4596d ago

Makes you wonder why then does Sony have their Sony Pictures Movies still up on the list of movies you can stream... Yeah, this is just a silly license issue and will be resolved shortly.

Milky Joe4596d ago

Exactly. The license agreements just haven't gone through yet. Simple as that.

Mr_Bun4596d ago

First POSSIBILITY that Sony is even remotely daring to pull a dirty move like what M$ has been doing for the last 3 years (a lot longer if you expand my statement beyond the 360 vs. PS3), and the fanboys are up in arms crying.

Sony Pictures are still up so this is probably just one of those "oops" moments, but if this were Sony "Playing Hardball" (as so many people above call it), it is still a far cry away from the bs that M$ has pulled.

Gam714596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Lol, you can tell the age of sony fans.
First off MS in the last 3 years has been doing what Sony has been doing for the last 13.
second sony pulls a throwing your toys out of the pram move, a hissy fit and it's fans think its just playing hardball like thats a good thing.

I only say like its a good thing because they have been lambasting MS for doing the same thing, even though sony did it first!?!

If it's bad when MS do it why is it good when sony start doing it AGAIN.

And this sony don't pay for timed exclusives and exclusives nonsense.
When did they stop?

Didn't they provide funding for la noire?
Oh I see it's not paying for an exclusive its "funding"

Sony get a share of the profits for each download from netflix so by not having it on NXE they are losing potential income.

What would happen if MS decided VC-1 is no longer licensed to blu-ray as the ps3 is a blu-ray player as well (or first) and is in direct competition with the 360.
Would you be congratulating them for playing hardball or having another hissy fit?

Stop supporting it?
that would mean they started.
At the moment they rely on VC-1.
They could go back to MPEG-2
because that worked.

anh_duong4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

didn't ms stop supporting blu-ray because the ps3 had blu-ray?

blu-ray doesn't just rely on vc-1

Mr_Bun4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

You prove my point is people like you who are ASSUMING that this is Sony's doing, ignoring the fact that "Sony Pictures" movies are still available. You offer no proof of your "13 years" comment and ignore the fact that if this is indeed Sony's intentional response, they are removing THEIR product from the competition...they aren't stealing an exclusive.

You won't need a PS3 to enjoy the movies that are currently not available to the 360 but when M$ does this, you definitely need a 360...see my point?

Kill Crow4596d ago

But they started it ..... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Dreamworker4595d ago

i add the sony movies to my netflix queue and get the DVD's in mail all other movies i can stream. where is the big problem?

Gam714595d ago

Mr bun, all you do is assume.
You haven't offered any proof at all for anything you say, are you nasim cos she did that?

clearly if you have to question my 13 years comment you've only been playing since the ps3.

Sony used every trick in the book to get to number one and now someone else is beating them at their own game, to assume sony have changed tatics and become an honourable company all off a sudden is laughable, you fans start crying and acting like its wrong.

Skewed sense of morals you have.

You assume ms pay for everything because they admitted they paid for some but have no proof.
But when proof comes your way that they haven you ignore it, square enix saying ms didn't pay them for ff13.
You only want to hear what you want to hear and only know what you've heard.
A dangerous combination.

You don't think sony have never paid for exclusives?

Do you think has paid for ALL the exclusives they have?
you're deluded.
Your way of thinking.
When saintly sony does it - it's good business and shows how smart they are.
when MS does it later on - its they're evil and beating up poor sony and taking their lunch money off them *wipes tear away*

"You won't need a PS3 to enjoy the movies that are currently not available to the 360 but when M$ does this, you definitely need a 360...see my point?"

no? do you. Are you trying, poorly, to say evil MS will smite all competition and you will have to use their products and only their products to enjoy content.

Cos you are full of something.

So you see what sony did as fair enough cos its their product but then have a go at the thought, as ms haven't done it so you're assuming again, of ms doing the same.

thus proving my point

kwyjibo4595d ago

First off, I do not think Columbia have blacklisted the Xbox360 service because they are a Sony subsidiary. Aside from the fact that Sony's separate business divisions have never had this level of cohesion, such a move will be greatly detrimental to Sony's image in the eyes of hardware manufacturers, and the film industry has never operated in such a way, something which I do not think will change.

What is astonishing on this thread, is the blind irrational loyalty to a company for a perceived move, that if true, is hugely detrimental to the consumer. You are a consumer, and if you champion this, which hordes of commentators here have fallen over to do, you are putting yourself last as well as being a retard.

Film is an open platform, you buy the content, and you play anywhere you want, on any hardware you want. It's fair in that sense, consumers get the best of competition in both hardware, and in content. Sure, every so often you'll get a BD/HDDVD war, but when that's over, because of the high volume of sales, licensing prices plummet. You can play Sony films on a Samsung box, or rip them onto your iPod, this is absolutely great, this is the way it should be, yet this is what commentators on here are rallying against.

Do you support it when companies buy out exclusive content, not for the reasons of increasing the audience, but to artificially restrict it? Did you enjoy those iTunes tracks which only play on Apple media players? You'd like if the only tracks you could play on your Walkman came from Sony BMG?

That Microsoft may be jerks does not excuse anyone else. That foreign dictatorships use torture as instruments of the state, does not mean we should. Do not support anti-competitive business practices and policies detrimental to consumers regardless of your position on certain companies. The level of support for this perceived move leaves a certain taste of disgust at this entire community.

xbox360migs4595d ago

I correct you, Sony is the company that started the exclusive deals back in the days of sega saturn and the PS1,they bought third party developers and gained timed exclusives which essentially killed Sega, I remember it very well, this is one of the reasons I like Microsoft because they are trying to play Sony at their own game and have the money which sega unfortunatley did not. Sony may offer some innovative products but they are a ruthless company and deserve no respect and this is just another event added to hundreds of low down moves by Sony to achieve the edge on their competition. Disgusting!

Mr_Bun4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

I have offered proof and you need to actually READ what I typed. I am assuming nothing other than the POSSIBILITY that Sony is not responsible for this. You just spin around in circles bringing up things completely unrelated and desperately reaching...NASIM??? What the hell are you talking about???

1."Sony used every trick in the book to get to number one and now someone else is beating them at their own game"....what "Tricks" are you talking about?

2."all you do is assume"...Funny since I never once mentioned "paying for exclusives" or "Square Enix"...which leads me to:

3.Calling me "deluded"...I don't think you know what that means seeing that you are the one claiming I said things which I haven't and that Sony has done things which they may or may not have.

4."So you see what sony did as fair enough cos its their product but then have a go at the thought, as ms haven't done it so you're assuming again, of ms doing the same. thus proving my point"...You need to stop typing with your elbows so I can understand your irrationality.

My point is that Sony probably aren't to blame as they are still offering the service of "Sony Pictures" through the for the rest of your comment, I would appear to be at a disadvantage as I am limited to logic and common sense where you seem to be void of those restrictions.

anh_duong4595d ago

gam71? do you seriously think ms will not license vc-1???

the damage to microsoft credibility would be beyond belief. furthermore, ms can forget any third party from using it's codec again it it did something like this.

ms wants people to use it's codec because it wants to control digital media.

i think you are living in la la land if you think ms will ever consider pulling out of vc-1 licenses to all the companies that represent the blu-ray consortium.

Gam714595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

"gam71? do you seriously think ms will not license vc-1??? "

of course they will.

where did you get the impression i thought they wouldn't?
it was you who implied that?
I was talking about ms supporting blu-ray and your comment that blu-ray doesn't need vc-1.

try to stay on track.
Blu-ray which is another sony attempt to control a media format, mini-disc, betamax, drm.

Again i never said or implies ms wanted to or would act like sony and pull support. You did.
Typical. ignore what the sony fan says but twist the comments of someone who disagrees so it looks like they said it.

btw mr bun i see you've replied and i might read it later.

lol look at the disagrees on this thread

really is SDF activating.


I read your comment bun and i'm more convinced than ever after reading your comments constantly attacking ms and anyone who uses their products (not you though) how deluded you are

anh_duong4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

well this is where you are 100% wrong because sony=/=blu-ray.. how can you control a format that you don't own.

blu-ray is a consortium get it in your little shrunken skull

so this pretty much sinks your argument about sony controlling a format doesn't it??

btw i just purchased three xboxes in the last month so again this pretty much sinks your second argument. i can send you a screen capture of the receipts if you want. i own fable, geow and practically every other AAA rated xbox game.

i also have an xbmc original xbox and was one of the first adopters of vista. i paid for the retail version and didn't just get vista oem. my smartphone is a hp windows mobile phone (as well as a blackberry and iphone). so no, you fail, i don't hate microsoft.

i have said as many good things about ms products as bad things - in fact i will even send you a link to show you me selling one of my spare ps3 because i just bought an xbox.

IdleLeeSiuLung4595d ago

I can't see how this is good for the consumer and focus shouldn't be on what MS did or Sony did. I think they all are croocked and that is the ugly side of business.

If this is true, then I think fans of either console should oppose it. Next thing you know, everybody starts making stuff incompatible or unavailable on each console. This is just one more step in making it worse for consumers!

bouncybullet4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

you don't see MS taking away Sony's license to use Windows on their PC's.

All I see is Sony being a selfish B*tch.
Maybe when they get around to copying the 360 for the 10th time and add Netflix to the PS3, they'll let the 360 have their sh*tty movies.

They have gone from stealing features from other consoles to sabotaging features on other consoles.

And all the psycho fanboys cheer them on because they're also selfish for some reason.

Sitdown4595d ago

Please expound on your statement of "MS has literally been the biggest douchebag this console generation. "

Please feel free to explain further your statement of "MS started it all with buying game exclusive content"

This is not middle school kids going tit for tat...we are talking about businesses trying to make money. MS is a "douche"...well show us links were guns were put to these companies heads and making them make products for MS. Battleaxe....are we to believe that Sony has never bought any exclusive content...or done things that was better for its company?

Megatron084595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

MS and netflix should suit the crap on of sony. Seeing as they already been paid and agreed to allow this content to be used by netflix

elorm94595d ago

You're not providing examples of when Sony did any of that.

ThanatosDMC4595d ago

"Finish Him!"

I'm pretty sure i wasnt the only one who didnt enjoy that one.

Anyway, for all we know they were just late in licensing? Did anybody ever think of that? Maybe somebody just did an "oops" moment and forgot to renew it.

But it's a nice way to screw someone who just regurgitated their console a new.

+ Show (46) more repliesLast reply 4595d ago
GWAVE4596d ago

And this is why, my dear friends, "digital distribution" won't be able to trump Blu Ray. Even if DD starts to edge out Blu Ray (which it isn't. DD is at .5% and Blu Ray is at about 10-12$), Sony has a lockdown on a lot of the movie houses.

Well played, Sony. Well played. A bit underhanded, but now 360 owners know what it's like to get burned by exclusive DLC and times exclusives.

GiantEnemyCrab4596d ago

Yeah burned like Mirror's Edge exclusive PS3 DLC? Or how about UT3 timed PS3 exclusive? Of course in your PS3 world it's always poor poor PS3 owners while you ignore that the same crap happens to 360 owners as well.

Oh well, screw you $ony.

GWAVE4596d ago

@ Crab

Let's be serious. Microsoft buys 10 times as many timed exclusives and DLC exclusives as Sony. Don't be a brat.

Bnet3434596d ago

DD will trump BR eventually, just not any time soon. BR isn't going to last forever. After BR, it's going to be DD and small storage mediums.

SaberEdge4596d ago

Sony is one of the most anti-consumer companies out there. I am so sick of their stupid proprietary formats, rootkit BS, and their bullying everybody around. Denying 360 owners the opportunity to watch their movies through netflix is just petty. If this doesn't get resolved, I am done with Sony. I will never buy another one of their products again. This move is simply ridiculous.

thewhoopimen4596d ago

haha everyone of your examples are MS "innovations" starting with the WMA format, proprietary OS with blackscreen lockouts, and many more. Just remember who's got a monopoly on a "certain" software market.

cherrypie4596d ago

'Microsoft buys 10 times as many timed exclusives and DLC exclusives as Sony."

More empty guesses.

How do you know that the producers dont want to bring attractive content to the higher-sales platform? How do you *know* that MS is "buying" this stuff?

Prodcution costs are higher on the PS3 **and** sales are lower (per console *and* in total) -- seems to me that a smart producer wants to GIVE some DLC exclusivity in order to attract MS to want to help MARKET the product...

there are Many reasons why the producers would NOT want to make the extra content for PS3 and *want* to get it on Xbox 360...

yet, here you are just GUESSING and MAKING CRAP UP... as if you knew ANYTHING at all about it.

Sad, your so willing to lie and invent things to make yourself feel good.

BWS19824596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

where's your proof the games were NOT simply "bought exclusives", we all know GTA 4 DLC was simply paid for, you have points about the attach rates etc...but it is about money, and you present no proof that it wasn't simply a payoff when all those games end up on 360. The dev costs ARE high on the PS3, so why not just give them the DLC in the end anyways, they already spent an arm and a leg trying to understand the PS3, now they'll cut out the last bit and lose on their returns by only giving 80% of the content they make? You can't discredit someone by saying they have no proof, present the alternative truth, and provide no proof yourself.

SaberEdge4596d ago

Everything you are talking about shows a clear lack of understanding of economics or basic business principles.

Besides, the burden of proof lies on the person making the claim.

The fact Microsoft has been completely open in several instances where they did pay for exclusive content, why should we believe that Microsoft are secretly buying rights to other exclusive content? Especially when the developer themselves tell us that is not the case.

I wonder, too, why some people act like Microsoft is so bad for buying exclusive rights to certain specific content, even though Sony have outright purchased many development studios. What is worse? Buying exclusivity rights to a piece of downloadable content, or buying the whole development studio and utterly controlling its content from that point on?

BWS19824596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

understanding to economics and business mechanics, which is why I see transparently through many of these tactics, and it is identical to MS's buying acts. No different. And you keep saying they bought out studios, all the console manufacturures do this, MS bought Rare, they had a leash on Bungie, they all have some, which others are you talking about?

And the proof lies in both courts, if you make a claim, back it up, both sides, CherryPie made a claim, and he has no proof, where is your proof that Sony is hindering creativity in all these studios? As well, where is your proof that MS DIDN'T pay off many others, all I'm saying is there is a possibility they've bought MANY more exclusives. What about the $500 gift bags with Halo 3? Just because MS was open about some doesn't mean they were with all, do you see my point, there's a lot to be proven here, and I have made no claims, I've just brought up possibilities and questions.

BattleAxe4596d ago

@ GiantEnemyCrab

Don't hate the player..........Hate the game.

Highatus4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

"Sony is one of the most anti-consumer companies out there."

Considering how much they lose on each Ps3 sold since its launch...yeah thats anti consumer...

And another bit thats "Anti-Consumer"...Wh y do you believe that Sony would have XBOX360 fans best interests at heart?

They are in direct competition...HD-DVD - Blu Ray...PSN Movie Store - Netflix on 360... A cut-throat business.

What gets me is my second paragraph LOL at that...

----------------------------- ------------------------------ -

Besides... personally, streaming movies annoys the hell outta me, same with DL'in them, what a waste of time. just insert disc... no wait at all.

Another note i think the rest of NXE is ok, and obviously netflix is not the top of the list on why i was waiting for it.

Traveler4596d ago

Of course they all do it, but why do people attack Microsoft for buying exclusive content when Sony has done more of that than Microsoft. Sony own dozens of studios and nobody seems to be down on Sony for that fact. I see a lot of PS3 fans getting upset just because a former 3rd party exclusive goes multiplatform. What these people don't seem to understand is that in all likelihood the economic realities of modern game development have more to do with those games going multiplatform than with Microsoft paying those companies anything.

snp4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )


Owning studios, i have no problem with. Microsoft has Rare, Ensemble etc - Sony has their Naughty Dog's, Team Icos etc. It's clear, it's open and it's honest - people know from the get go what to expect from these studios.

I don't have a problem with funding the development ground up of exclusives from third parties, either - ie. Epic's Gears of War, Lionhead's Fable 2, MM's Little Big Planet etc.

What i don't particularly like (in either direction - but certainly coming much more from the Microsoft side this round on what i've seen) is this thing of either directly or indirectly undermining a competitors version of in development multiplatform title through cashing up the creators to focus on your version or 'extra' content in one form or another for your version. I also don't like having long awaited titles seemingly delayed, cynically, in one or another territory to coincide with your new found version.

When a products announced, and you tap into the 'hype' from that platforms fans/owners you've got a responsibility to those fans to get the product out in it's best possible version and as promptly as is possible. I actually blame Microsoft (and recently Sony has started doing it more so) less than the co's who have taken these various 'incentives' (to use a euphemism). I realise the market realities of why it's done, but in the bigger picture i don't think the companies who take up these deals are doing their name or future a service. Too much bad blood and cynicism comes out of them.

Mr_Bun4596d ago

Well put...Bubbles

@Crab and all of the other 360 owners claiming that M$ has done no wrong and Sony are the bad guys here:

The major difference between Sony's antics (which haven't even been founded yet) is that you do not need a PS3 to gain what Sony (has apparently) taken away, yet you need a 360 to enjoy what M$ has taken away...see the difference?

Gam714596d ago

BWS Gwave made the first claim of MS buying the exclusives and cherrypie responded but you chose to challenge his claim acting like he made the first comment on buying exclusives.

Hmm, wonder why so selective?

you own a ps3?

get off your high horse. If your going to have a go at someone for making a claim then make sure you have a go at the first person to make that.
Don't challenge the person who challenged the original comment acting like they shouldn't have said that but ignoring the first person who did say it.

Shows you have no credibility and should just be ignored.

KingME4595d ago

This was a planned attack by Sony, which is cool. They are acting like little B!tches. I think this is an abuse of power and a behavior that shows what monopolizing can do as they will do similar things with blu-ray when they complete control that market. If MS did this they would be getting sued by Sony as they whine their way to court. There is no way Sony didn't discover this licensing thing months ago. Haha, what a bunch of wussies.

MS should counter by saying as of today, Sony laptop, PPC, and other products are no longer allowed to be sold with MS products bundled or as OEM items. They need to be sold as individual retail items. (no windows, no office, etc.) They would never do this as it would do more harm to the customer than to Sony, but from my past experience with Sony, they don't give a damn about customers anyway. However if MS did block their products from Sony, they would be sued, and everyone would whine about how unfair MS is. Right?

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Kyur4ThePain4596d ago

Actually, that's pretty hilarious.
Hey MS, wanna buy some movie studios?

Max Power4596d ago

they'll just get timed exclusives.

supremacy4596d ago

like which ones? let me put it to you this way ms is selling their gaming studios? also are getting bombarded by apple and the press on vista? and now this?

lol look, the same guy who owns TNT is the same guy who owns tbs, new line cinema AOL and warner bros and he alone is as filthy as ms if not filthier.

than Sony has tri star Columbia pictures and mgm?

that leaves paramount which like mtv and nikolodean ect is own by a very powerful company in the stock exchange name viacom?

Disney you can forget about them, as well as fox who like myspace is also owned by news corp also very Google like in the market so tell me who can ms buy? lionsgate? the Weinstein company? those are two very small companies to even bother with.

however ms does have some stake on universal studios as they are both from the same chain, which if you happen to notice is the only studio not on the ps3's video store, so why cant Sony play fire with fire?

Sony should now go for lets see... music?

and maybe block any 360 ads on Sony television networks that maybe out there as well, times are rough my friends, and they started 1st.

"i knew the mod wouldn't go down without a fight, but this time they crossed the line, "no you cross the line first sir,"

"you hammer to the point of desperation, and in their desperation they turn to a man they didn't quite fully understand". love that line.

look some of the best movies come from Sony pictures, black hawk down, quantum of solace, spider-man underworld, click ect. now lets get music, than channels.

lol jk but seriously if anyone here doesn't think that ms doesn't do these kinds of things are only in denial i mean why do you think they make so much money?

PirateThom4596d ago

Well, they are working on music. A few weeks ago Sony acquired full rights to Sony/BMG effectively becoming Sony music. The only reason Sony/BMG music videos were on marketplace was... BMG.

Sony have a media empire. Games, movies, music.

cherrypie4596d ago

No. I dont want MS owning Studios.

I dont want SONY to have an MPAA divison. Its anti-competitive, and it leads to this kind of anti-customer crap.

Imagine if every TV station sold its on "proprietary TV". Or, every MPAA member sold its own disc-format. Or, its own set-top.

I want these firms SEPERATE.

yet, you all seem to attack MS when it does nothing like this at all.

And, its *really* funny you've got a apple logo.

Steve Jobs is the single largest shareholder, and sits on the board of anti-fair-use zealot MPAA and RIAA member Disney. APPLE is just about as good as SONY for this garbage.

Apple == Sony == MPAA == RIAA.

MS? Has *NO* interest in helping the RIAA or MPAA screw you.

Yet, here you people are HAPPY to setup a system to get screwed. Amazing.

Mr_Bun4596d ago

I thought 360 owners were "more hardcore"...why are they so upset over the loss of some downloadable movies? It isn't like Netflix is free anyways.

elorm94595d ago

That's true, people used to laugh at us because of the fact that the PS3 had blu-ray and there weren't many games at the time. Now something happens to their movie store and they go whining about it. Such hypocrisy...