Valve Elaborates On Early Left 4 Dead 3 Rumors, Portal VR Ideas

Valve's Robin Walker elaborates on the rumored Left 4 Dead 3, Portal VR, and a whole lot more in this month's IGN Unfiltered.

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-Foxtrot1047d ago

If they are going to do more VR stuff, I prey it's not exclusive stuff

No one wants VR exclusive Portal, L4D stuff, give us the option and let everyone play, especially with how long we've all been waiting for new instalments to these games.

Fishy Fingers1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

Whats exclusive about Alyx? Its supports all the PC VR headsets. I'm sure if PS4 was capable, you'd see it there too. Shouldnt be an issue with next gen coming.

-Foxtrot1047d ago

I just want a standard version I can play with a controller

With REVII you had the option it was built up for both standard play and VR

porkChop1047d ago

It's exclusive to VR, which is niche. That's pretty exclusive. A lot of people just don't have any interest in VR.

xTonyMontana1047d ago

@Foxtrot Playing with a controller would defeat the purpose of this game. I hope it comes to PS5 though, it's amazing and it's the system/peripheral seller VR needs to go mainstream.

xenz1047d ago

Valve makes their own vr hw, and somehow you expect them to release a non-vr fps game after the success of Alyx? They want to evolve vr.. ofc its gonna be only VR

1047d ago
--bienio--1047d ago

Hahah not long ago PlayStation fanboys crying about HDZ coming to Pc and Now this? Hypocrites!!

pwnmaster30001047d ago

Which PS4 fanboy is crying? I don’t see no crying lol.

If your talking about fox, he said no exclusive VR.

SamPao1047d ago

yeah man. you need to realise that a very small amount of people do not represent the ps community as a whole. same for every community

BlackIceJoe1047d ago

I'd like to see a new Counter Strike, that has a story mode and is inspired by SOCOM or SWAT. The world could use more tactical shooters and Valve could do a phenomenal job with this series, if they take it in this direction.

xenz1047d ago

I love SP shooters, but CS is not made for SP. Why waste resources on something the userbase wont play?

xTonyMontana1047d ago

I would play the SP and I played 1.6 religiously back in the day. Granted it would be a single play through and all my time would be going into the MP, I'd still be very interested in a single player VR game.

battlegrog1047d ago

That would be amazing bit un likely to ever happen

Knightofelemia1047d ago

I just want L4D3 they popped out L4D2 pretty fast after the first game and now they are dragging their feet. I know L4D3 would be a day one for me the series is my favorite shooter and I don't like many shooters.

porkChop1047d ago

I just hope that when we do get another L4D it feels like a proper sequel. As good as L4D2 was, it just felt like DLC. And considering it was developed and released within 9 months, it pretty much *was* DLC.

FlyingFoxy1047d ago

Agreed, i would say L4D2 itself pretty much could've been DLC.. though i will say that the new stuff they added made a big difference to longevity, the extra special infected were much needed. It got boring fighting smokers, boomers and hunters over and over, the spitter, charger and jockey were good additions.. though the jockey is a right PITA as it seems to teleport jump and latch onto your head at times.

After playing tons of L4D2 i could already see where they could improve the game to almost no end, for example there's signs in the swamps saying do not feed the gators, but no gators.. there could be more weapons, weather effects, day/night cycles, extra shortcuts, more randomisation of item/enemy placement, extra escape routes, few new types of special infected.. i could go on. But more additions = more replayability, i think you get the picture.

At least there's Back 4 Blood from Turtle Rock while we wait for a possible new L4D, and they're already doing motion capture for it, so hope we get to see stuff about it soon. Just hope it's got the L4D vibe.

xTonyMontana1047d ago


AK911047d ago

I don't think Portal VR is a good idea considering what you do in those game I'm pretty sure I'd be puking all over the place.

porkChop1047d ago

I think it could potentially work, but it would need to be without the momentum-based puzzles. The fast speed would probably make people sick. Or they could go back to the original Portal 2 concept of using time travel instead of portals.

AK911047d ago

Hmm hadn't thought of it that way, if it was done without moving all across the map and changing directions constantly I think it could work.

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