The 12 Most Useless Game Trailers

Game advertising is a wacky business. GamesRadar can picture tireless, cocaine-fueled pitch meetings where PR people strive to find a way to advertise a particular title. It seems as though every commercial boils down to either: gameplay, pre-rendered footage posing as gameplay, a bat-shit insane live action concept, or a amalgam of all those concepts.

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The Matrix3834d ago

Someone must be bored if they're rating game trailers.


They could not dare to put killzone 2 trailer because the game matches and may be even looks better than the CGI trailer.

The Matrix3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Don't agree with the Gears 2 trailer.

devilhunterx3834d ago

2 mentions of GEARS and Halo, yet we have a picture of KillZone up there. Brilliant.

Jager3834d ago

Rofl at the Zelda commercial... my god... Those R&C ones where good tho in my opinion...