Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Taken Off Stores, Online Shut Down

This weekend, news surfaced that Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition has been taken off of various stores, with online functionality also shut down.

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AriesBear138d ago

Surprised it was still online.

SickSinceSix138d ago

Physical wins again, RIP online mode though

chiefJohn117138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

??? What does that have to do with anything?

SickSinceSix138d ago

Did you completely miss the part where it was taken off digital stores?

chiefJohn117137d ago

You made it seem digital copies won't work or something

137d ago
sprinterboy137d ago

Exactly, digital is still available to download again if you bought it and sp modes.
Its not like anyone (000.01%) of people actually want a physical or digital copy of a 2011 game.

NonPartisanGamer137d ago

Did you completely miss the part where online modes are shut down regardless of whether it was a physical or digital purchase?

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zahdab138d ago

you can still download it if you own it ...

SickSinceSix138d ago

I already know, I own it on Steam and PS Vita digitally. But for anyone wanting to buy it now, they'd need a physical copy for PS3/360/PS Vita, or maybe an already existing Steam key, I guess

zahdab137d ago

its not like physical copies stay in stores forever ... i don't really get your point then

Loktai137d ago


Literally if you dont already own it, stores (And used sources like ebay) are your only option now.
If not for physical copies existing literally not a single person who doesnt own it would ever be able to buy it again.
Imagine if it were a digital only release (there are plenty of them). Gone, Lost to history.

This is exactly what publishers would love to become normal- Because believe me they'll release it on another platform in a couple more years as a retro title and you'll be re-buying it. All it will take is to include a new halfass mode or run at a different resolution and its a unique product.

BayAreaBird137d ago

Because no one 10 years from now will want to play it. Oh wait......

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TheColbertinator137d ago

Physical Copy WINS! Bwahahahah

sprinterboy137d ago

You can still reinstall it and play offline from your digital copy.
Do you think anyone is moaning at no option to buy digital or physical in 2020 from 2011 title? No didn't think so.

Don't message back with the usual physical BS either, I've heard it all b4.

SickSinceSix137d ago

"My physical copy got snapped or scratched, I'll just buy and download it digitally to play it again...oh wait, this is BS that's no longer an option" Some people buy games in their own time, not everyone has to buy stuff on day one.

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AriesBear138d ago

If you go back and play MK9 and MKX you'll realize how much of a fast and fierce fighter it really was. MK11 is so dumbed down, slow and simple that It lost that hardcore edge. I really miss MK9 and X.

CatCouch138d ago

I hope this means there is a remaster or updated version coming.
I really liked the 2011 Mortal Kombat! I certainly hope it's not some attempt to erase the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.