Could The DOOM Franchise Ever Return To Survival Horror?

The last two DOOM games were undeniably spectacular, but does this spell the end for a slower style experience in the vein of Doom 3?

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TheProfessional581d ago

The new doom games are fun but they are arcadey, cartoony and not scary at all. The enemies are colorful and not intimidating and they did nothing memorable with the lighting or the enviornments. The platforming in Eternal is completely unnecessary. Lastly the story in both of the new doom games is garbage, following orders from a random robot.

A true, direct sequel to Doom 3 from John Carmack and the same team would've been amazing. The enemy designs, lighting and atmosphere in doom 3 were all excellent and at least that game tried to be creepy while still retaining plenty of action.

Sciurus_vulgaris581d ago

I am going to disagree with you about the story of the new doom games being garbage. The directly presented story is nothing special. However, there is a lot of interesting background lore.

Also, I agree with you about the demons looking rather cartoony. Doom Eternal is pretty cartoony looking. And some of the demons, notably the Mancubus and Arachnotron aren’t visually convincing.

I personally in hindsight found Doom 3 to be slow and not scary after the first few hours. I also found the enemies of Doom 3 largely uninteresting. The enemies all, for the most part behaved the same. The newer Doom games in my opinion have more engaging combat and overall gameplay.

PS4Gamer1984581d ago

Agree 100%, it's why I'm waiting until it's deeply discounted or on game pass before I get it

ArchangelMike581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

If you watch the dev blogs, you'll see that the design choice for Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal are deliberate. I agree to some extent that the platforming is abit tedious in places in ETernal, but otherwise I think they nailed the tone they were going for. If you watch the dev blogs, you'll see that the story is deliberately tongue-in-cheek, Hugo Martin himself states that - he said he wanted the game to have a "saturday morning cartoon" vibe. Heck it's why the have the Doom Fortess designed the way it is - because it's a nod to He-man and Castle Grayskull (for those of us that are old enough to remember He-Man).

I actually prefer Doom (2016) to Doom Eternal, however I think both games stand up there with the originals (Doom 3 not so much imho).

Kornholic581d ago

Doom (2016) was better because it wasn't as goofy. Doom Eternal is too tongue-in-cheek for my taste. Also the level design in Doom (2016) made more sense. They felt like real places. Doom Eternal's levels do not have that same feeling due to the platforming elements which feel very out of place.

Sciurus_vulgaris580d ago

I have yet to finish my ultra violence play-through of Doom Eternal. I currently feel Doom (2016) is the better paced game. I have a few gripes with the platforming, and several other environmental mechanics in Doom Eternal. After, I enjoy Eternal’s combat more than its predecessor; but so far I think Doom (2016) has better levels.

I also like Doom (2016)’s art style more. It was less colourful and a bit more realistic. Doom Eternal, is more heavily stylized, if not cartoonish. Some of the demons look a bit too unrealistic and unconvincing in Doom Eternal. I do appreciate the sense of adventure that Doom Eternal provides with its more varied environments and enhanced story presentation.

Hungryalpaca581d ago

All of this reads like youve never played the originals.

Profchaos580d ago

I think story has never been front and centre for doom id software know it and that's why 2016 flat out ignores its own story in the interest of as much shooty shooty demon shooty as it could fit into it.

Doom 3 was actually pretty special it pushed graphics extremely far for it's time remember far cry 1 was the best looking game before doom 3

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RazzerRedux581d ago

Nah.....I like this Doom more than Doom 3. Has more of the feel of the original Doom which I loved.

Hungryalpaca581d ago

The people complaining seem to have never played the originals. When people talk about DOOM it’s either the 90s games or the reboot. DOOM 3 is barely ever mentioned.

Because it wasn’t a DOOM game lol. The only thing it shared were some demons and setting. Everything else was a radical change.

RazzerRedux581d ago

I agree. Doom 3 simply was not Doom. The new Doom put the "Doom" back into Doom.

I like saying "Doom".

Pickledpepper581d ago

I played all the doom games, the first time i played it was on my sega 32x which i loved, even the old games had tension and the occasional jump scare all of which the new doom games do not, i dont think they are anything remotely like the originals but thats my own opinion, but each to their own i guess

SyntheticForm580d ago

Agreed on the original, but the Custom PlayStation Edition on PSX was my favorite by far. The sinister metal soundtrack and other eerie tracks took it up a level.

Godmars290581d ago

When was it ever survival horror?

Never been about resource management in the face of overwhelming odds, rather take your shotgun to chaingun to BFG and blow every motherf**ker in the room away.

Wolf873581d ago

Eternal does compel you to manage your resources and be strategic with how and on whom you use what.

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