LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update

Mark Valledor writes: "You may have remembered us mentioning, that we will be giving away a FREE LBP downloadable costume once a week. Well, beginning this Thursday, you will be able to dress your SackBoy or SackGirl with a brand new "Sack-in-the-Box" costume! This costume was designed by "nebu1ou5? from Rydal, PA, the US winner of the "LittleBigChallenge 003- Official in-game SackBoy Costume Contest". Congratulations to nebu1ou5! Take a look at the original sketch and the final in-game costume below."

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Bubble Buddy3838d ago

Wish you can make costumes from stickers, save it, and share it with other people :(.

ultimolu3838d ago

My love for the game has increased tenfold. *-*

Hulligan853838d ago

What they created is rubbish compared to the guys actual design imho.

meluvulongtime3838d ago

The original was really cool, the stupid TV just on the head is downright pathetic in comparison.

smokey_vols3838d ago

@2 agreed, I liked the original much better. Also the Loco Roco costumes are crap, i'll wait on next weeks update.

PlayStation3603838d ago

bring out:

Nathan Hale SackBoy (Resistance)
Chimera SackBoy (Resistance)
Nathan Drake SackBoy (Uncharted)
Kai SackGirl (Heavenly Sword)
Ico SackBoy (Ico)
Wander SackBoy (Shadow of the Colossus)

Y'all start bringing those out Sony, I'll start buying.

-GametimeUK-3838d ago

i would like to see an R&C costume where you wear Clank on your back... Would be awesome

Horny Melon3838d ago

a Lara Croft Sack Girl, a prince of persia sack boy, issac sackboy, etc

poindat3838d ago

Funny how the free one is better than the for-pay ones.

Too bad they got rid of the electrified skin on the Sack-In-A-Box. It would have looked amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.