Gabe Newell Was Briefly a World of Warcraft Gold Farmer, Which Led to Team Fortress 2's Hats

Gabe Newell revealed to have briefly been a World of Warcraft gold farmer. This 'research' led to Steam Workshop and Team Fortress 2's hats.

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Chris_Wray1040d ago

Think I may have to start doing that! Good market research though, worked out for him

TheProfessional1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

He's always seemed a little scummy and the way he just completely abandoned developing games when steam became successful is a joke.

RazzerRedux1039d ago

I bet that monitor was expensive as hell back then

PurpHerbison1039d ago

What monitor is it? Looks like an old LCD TV.

RazzerRedux1039d ago

Not sure. It is damn big. Looks like a 40+ inch 4:3, doesn't it? Did they make LCD TVs that ratio?

PurpHerbison1038d ago

Angle and glare might make 16:9 or 16:10 look 4:3 in that picture. I'm still curious to know exactly what it is though!

Fist4achin1039d ago

Meh, still not a fan of Gabe and his decisions and direction.

Fluttershy771039d ago

The best experience I had last year? World of Warcraft Classic! Then phase 2 came

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