Sony Doesn't Take the Bait for SplitFish PS3 Rumble

Still hopeful that Sony might one day bring rumble back to the PlayStation 3? It doesn't look like it's going to happen. A company called SplitFish has announced new rumble tech that works with motion sensing and sidesteps Immersion's patents, but Sony told GameDaily BIZ that it's not interested.

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CAPS LOCK4914d ago

i don't understand why they just don't implement it. i mean it would benefit us gamers.

Siesser4914d ago

I don't know. I'm hoping it's because they're trying to work on their own technology. If not, then it's silly pride on their part. Or maybe the technology just isn't that good, who knows?

Arkham4914d ago

They know they can do it, but it's too late. People will get over it.

gnothe14914d ago

the technology isnt that good!!an also it goes against what they said about rumble the whole time!!RUMBLE IS LAST GEN!!so if they add this now, how would that look!!

JIN KAZAMA4914d ago

same as when MS said that 1080P is virtually impossible to do, and then turned around and announced that they will be doing 1080P. People will always forget, as long as they get what they want. If they implement rumble, i am not gonna go and picket infront of Sony and yell, "YOU LIED TO US SONY, U SAID RUBMLE IS LAST-GEN, AND NOW U IMPLEMENT IT..BOO HOO HOO". As all the 360 zombies would do, theyd say, "hahaha, we told you, SONY LIES....LIES!!!!" So DUMB!

hardwood20014913d ago

JIN KAZAMA- You should know the Xbox 360 has a chip dedicated specially to do 1080p for the system. Microsoft like every other company, were waiting for Hollywood to finalize the specs for HD movies. After the specs became final the update to the chip went through to allow all Xbox 360's to do 1080p natively, for movies and games. If I remember correctly the chip was called "ANA". What is so special about this chip is it's ability to operate WITH the Xbox 360's system, therefore not using anymore power from the CPU or GPU.

TheMART4913d ago


No rumble is a miss.

If Rumble is last gen, motion sensing is also. That has been done a long time ago. MS did it with the Sidewinder also for the PC. And it failed, people only used it for 5 minutes and then switched without it.

Sony's online system is also last gen. So PS2... So not premium like XBL is!

And no force feedback on racing wheels? WTF is that? The 360 has a very nice racing wheel with force feedback

Shadow Flare4914d ago

Its not too late to incorporate it. The psone started off with a basic controller, then later it got analogue sticks and then later it got dualshock. The splitfish design sounds like a great idea, it would've been brilliant with the sixaxis. I still don't get how it works if it has no mechanical parts. Who knows, maybe the design really sucks. Maybe they literally filled a sixaxis controller half full with water. So when you jolt the controller around fowards and sideways the water inside would give that extra bit of force for a deeper game experience. Well they did say they specifically created it with motion controllers in mind.

OutLaw4914d ago

I have a PS3 and I feel that the downside of having it is the no rumble feature. So I hope that Sony would just look like a liar just one more time and put this feature in the controller for all their loyal supporters who already purchased the system.

One more lie is not going to kill them and may also convince some more people to actually purchase the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.