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Call of Duty: Warzone adapts common battle royale tropes but puts its own spin on them to create a distinct entry in the genre.

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sampsonon786d ago (Edited 786d ago )

so let me get this straight. you see warzone borrowing ideas from other games as a bad thing, but when they introduce something new, loadout drops, it's a bad thing?
If they are easy to obtain than know one has an advantage right?

7/10 is too low for this game. For the genre i would give it a 9/10. I have seen some crazy things in this game.

UltraNova786d ago

I love Jackie boy! Such an enjoyable YouTube creator.

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Kabaneri786d ago (Edited 786d ago )

They gave Fortnite BR a higher score. I keep on hearing the same excuse that this has no depth. It doesnt need powerups or building mechanics that have no place in a competitive shooter.

sampsonon786d ago

the game is a rush. The combat is second too none.

UltraNova786d ago (Edited 786d ago )

Yeah me and my mates love it so far. The late game is tough as nails though!! And it doesn't help that I'm battling against horrible lag(everyone is hogging the bandwidth) and I'm on a 5 GH band 100mb wifi...

sampsonon786d ago

@UltraNova sorry to hear about that

PurpHerbison786d ago

My only issue with the game right now is how OP health and armor is. It always seemed like it was a bit too much but last night I spotted an AFK guy and decided to test just how bad it really is. With a purple light machine gun it took 3 direct shots in the head to break his shield and an additional 2 shots in the head to kill him. Ridiculous.

ExPresident786d ago

I rarely if ever defend COD. Haven't enjoyed one since the original MW. That being said Warzone has got friends and co-workers of mine playing together and its been just pure fun. Props to them cause this is great. To each his own.

sampsonon786d ago

it is great. i don't like BR games, but warzone's plunder mode is beautiful.
the combat is fast, intense, and all around brilliant.
Finally a BR style game that i enjoy.

Father__Merrin786d ago

its a 9.5/10 easily. the game is spectacular the gunplay alone beats any other BR game graphics sound everything top tier

L7CHAPEL786d ago

I honestly think they may have put themselves in a position(Activision) where they don't have great sales of the next Call of duty game,
because of this...
this in the return to basic boots on the ground combat that the last installment gave everybody,
that they've been clamoring for,
I don't see what they're going to do in the next game that's going to warrant people wanting it.

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