Black Ops' Sgt. Frank Woods Actor Puts the Kibosh on Anything Related to Treyarch & Black Ops

James C. Burns or more famously known as the voice actor behind Sgt. Frank Woods from the Black Ops series, says he's not doing anything with Treyach.

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SyntheticForm552d ago

Totally contrary to what a certain YouTuber has been saying - glad James spoke up.

That said, I'd love to go back to the Cold War in another Black Ops game. The original Black Ops is the only Black Ops I really liked.

Nitrowolf2552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

I'm pretty sure he was saying they would have new actors? not sure havent been keeping up but that's what I've seen on twitter

Anywho, I hope they stick with the setting rather than jump to new ones each game. Tons of stories that can be told

excaliburps552d ago

For MP, I loved BO2. BO1 as well. Overall, BO2 was pretty well balanced and I liked that it had the Target Finder scope for colorblind people like me. XD

DerfDerf552d ago

Didn't the leak specifically say it had new voice actors?