Final Fantasy VI Deserves a Remake More Than Final Fantasy VII

BY FRANKLIN: We are less than a month away from the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Players have anticipated the game since Square Enix's announcement in 2015. We have waited five years to finally play it. However, it is not the only Final Fantasy game that deserves a remake. The franchise has another title of higher quality that deserves another look.  That game is Final Fantasy VI.

I argue Final Fantasy VI is more deserving of a full remake than Final Fantasy VII. Both games are widely considered to be two of the best RPGs in gaming history.

What makes Final Fantasy VI better than Final Fantasy VII?

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Karlsh1046d ago

100% agree! Mystic quest really pushed FF forward, then FF2 was the spice, and FF3 (US) was the breakthrough for Final Fantasy games. FFVII took it out of this world but FF3 was pivotal. I remember going in store and for the first time seeing a SNES game that cost $100, and that was Final Fantasy 3

NecrumOddBoy1046d ago

You lost me with Mystic Quest but I agree IV and VI (even V) are excellent titles that would look amazing in a modernized format.

meatnormous1046d ago

Chronotrigger was also very expensive. The rpgs on the snes were amazing.

ilikestuff1046d ago

This is the one with kefka right? I’m not great on which one is which, ff 3 for Super Nintendo. Remake that bad boy, that one was crazy badass

fr0sty1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

If you feel that way, buy 7 Remake. If they see potential in remakes, you can bet they'll be remaking all the classics.

ilikestuff1045d ago

I agree, people buy remasters and remakes, that’s why there’s so many. I buy some myself

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Spurg1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

FF 6 and FF 8 are the best Final Fantasy games and deserved to be remastered. But only graphically and slight gameplay adjustments nothing more. This way we can get a full game without it being split to exploit the fanbase.

meatnormous1046d ago

They are my 2 favorites too, and a very unpopular opinion.

FallenAngel19841046d ago

It’s not like Square Enix would do a FFVI remake instead of a FFVII remake. FFVII is way more culturally relevant and the aspect of a remake has been on people’s mind ever since that 2005 tech demo.

That’s not to say FFVI doesn’t deserve a remake. It could receive one just like FFIII & FFIV did except higher scale. It just won’t obviously have the production values of FFVIIR.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1046d ago

ff6 is a great game but ff7 is just a freaking masterpiece!

Father__Merrin1046d ago

no it doesnt.

the only reason people favour FF pre 7 is because they was on nintendo platforms, give up its moved on now FF7 is the remake everyone wants

meatnormous1046d ago

FF6 ending was much better than FF7 in length and wrapping up the story. I played FF on the nes and then ff 2 and 3 on the snes when they released. FF7 blew me away but i was very disappointed in the ending. I played FF7 on both ps1 and pc. I don't want a FF6 remake as I still think the game is great the way it is and still stands the test of time better than 7. I would like to see a remake of 8 the most as it is my favorite FF.

dragonrage001046d ago

That makes absolutely no sense

meatnormous1046d ago

He was saying people only like the older ff games because they were on nintendo platforms. I think everything before 7 is fine the way they are. FF7 has not aged that well compared to the older games in my opinion. I also said I liked how the ending to ff6 wrapped up everyones story and was overall better than FF7s ending.

Sirk7x1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

7 was just the most obvious game. It had a ridiculously high marketing budget, was something new at the time, and became the highest selling and most well known in the series. In terms of gameplay, graphics, music quality, overall production quality and translation, FF9 had 7 beat in every way. Story and characters are subjective, but it's hard to deny that there weren't better designed games in the series.
FF9 remake please! XD

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