Devil May Cry Mobile developer interview reveals new information

In a recent interview, the developer of Devil May Cry Mobile reveals some brand new information regarding their upcoming game.

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KaaF577d ago

Mobile news should have "[Mobile]Title" format, reading DMC and getting exited just to read Mobile after it is depressing.

instantstupor577d ago

That sounds incredibly awkward, and since it didn't say "NEW DMC" or anything, I don't know why you'd get immediately excited - fast enough that you would get excited before the word mobile was read, at any rate. Would you get super jazzed if the story was "Devil May Cry is a really good series"? Same amount of time to get excited and then let down it isn't something exciting lol.

GamingonPhone576d ago

The 4th word of the title is "Mobile" if you read it correctly. The other news stories do not mention "PC" or "PS" or "XBOX" on their title then why is this inequality towards Mobile?