Jill Valentine's New RE3 Remake Design: Less Sex Appeal, More Practicality

The latest issue of Game Informer is out and the cover story is (rather unsurprisingly) all about the Resident Evil 3 remake. One of the topics addressed by the developers is Jill Valentine's new RE3 remake design, and the game's Art Director explains why they've made a shift in style.

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isarai545d ago

Lol was gonna say it's also less iconic.

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CatCouch545d ago

I think the new Jill looks alright, though you can definitely see the trend they are following with this design here.

I'm going to be using the classic outfit, myself! I never played Resident Evil games for realism or practicality. I loved all the goofy and sexy alternate outfits in previous games. I guess those are not coming back.

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TricksterArrow544d ago

I'm torn with the changes. They could go for something more iconic and different albeit more realistic. I feel like while they nailed Claire's new look (the jacket alone makes her stand out quite a bit), they dropped the ball with Jill ://

Rachel_Alucard545d ago

Tank top and pants is the go to outfit for every major female this gen. It's too boring and safe. It feels like their design process is just removing feminine aspects and going for this fence-sitting gender neutral option.

isarai545d ago

It's the female equivalent of the short brown haired 20-30yr old white guy

Rachel_Alucard544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

That pic is not the female equivalent. Each of those characters were not defined by their looks but their character and it shows that our creative industry is capable of creating a variety of different characters despite all looking similar. Our problem is the men creating those men understand men better then anyone else to do that in the first place. When you try to have those same men create something they aren't familiar with, they all start blending together in personality. Our industry's artists and writers are still the same group it was before, so nothing has changed to help them write characters they don't understand how to write or design. Alot of the women caricatures being made now are all under this "Tough-girl who needs no man" type. They could adapt many different character archtypes, but they apply the same non-offensive protagonist template to them instead. I don't know if its because they all want girls to look at their characters for inspiration like how Disney failed at, but it's not helping the product they are making.

rainslacker544d ago


I can barely remember most of those characters shown in either image posted. Some I remember because they stood out more because they were more interesting characters. Lara I remember because of how pathetic they made her character, which had nothing to do with her looks.

Male characters are generally just as generic, both in looks and the tropes by which they abide by in games. There is nothing more or less special about male characters, and generally, male characters are also sexualized, so this notion that people only focus on the looks is completely off base. Some female characters get more attention because of their looks, but if that's all people focus on, then they aren't interesting characters to begin with. If those same characters are still not memorable because they don't have the looks to remember them by, it doesn't make them better characters, just less memorable.

Rachel_Alucard544d ago (Edited 544d ago )


There is not a single female protag I can think of that fits a character like Francis York. Yes you have gruff and gritty white men, but you have more variety in the field for them beyond what female protags can do. I have never seen a suave female, a wisecrack female, or just anything outside of what we've all seen before. There is way more variety in the male department then females ever get. If they would step outside what's safe for once they would see that.

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rainslacker544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

To be fair, Elena from UC came out before all this SJW stuff, and she's always done the sports bra and top that seems so popular nowadays. It made sense for her character back then, and given that it wasn't as common back then, it kind of set her apart and people did focus more on her character. They did sex appeal with Chloe, but she still wore practical-ish clothing.

To me, sex appeal isn't an aspect of the clothing, but in how the character holds themselves and wears their look to be sexy. Generally, I find over the top not as sexy, but that's a different matter. What I find with this style of design you posted is that there really isn't much which sets them apart, and for the ones that lack any personality or character, there is nothing to really remember them by. I had to think on who some of those characters were, even though I've played most of the games represented from that collage.

Auron542d ago

Claire is dressed exactly like Jill when she removes her jacket

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zsquaresoff545d ago

Still looks pretty sexy to me and thats a good thing.

Kornholic545d ago

Her face has masculine features that are off-putting in a woman.

rainslacker544d ago

I don't think she's ugly by any means. I'm not even put off by her clothing.

I'm maybe a little disappointed, because I always thought my wife resembled some of the older character models. Especially the darker haired with ponytail versions where she was usually wearing a baseball cap. My wife even cut her hair and looks a lot like the original RE3 version, or maybe Umbrella chronicles. She looks nothing like the new model though.

This is kind of an anecdotal opinion specific to me though, and this resemblance my wife has is about the only interest I have in the character to begin with, and I'm not even a big fan of the games, so I'm not that fussed about it either way.

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xTonyMontana545d ago

I don't see the sex appeal with the original design tbh, the outfit was just more of a "hip" thing for the era.

Spurg545d ago

Yeah, it was for the sexy for the era not practical...but its didn't make sense to wear that top in a zombie apocalypse

Charlieboy333544d ago

So everything in games must be practical ? Better not sprint more than 5 seconds in case you run out of breath...

rainslacker544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

She had a nice athletic look, while still being feminine. I think the newest model lacks a lot of that femininity. I'm not against the look of the new character myself, and think she looks attractive enough for what this is. I find her overall design kind of generic though.

Realistically, if this was a real woman one saw out at the store or something, sans the guns of course, I doubt most people complaining here wouldn't be taking a second look, or watching her walk away. Curves are still there, just doesn't have everything exposed, or cleavage hanging out, which the original never did as I recall.

Shiken545d ago

I pre ordered, so the sex appeal lives.

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