Gabe Newell says 'everybody benefits' from competition with Epic

The Valve boss said 'it's ugly in the short term,' but in the long run competition is good for everyone.

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RazzerRedux1049d ago

Gabe is slowly morphing into Santa Claus. Photoshop in a red hat and suit.....voila!

SegaSaturn6691049d ago

I was gonna say he's turning into Jesus Christ, but youre probably more accurate. Jesus has a little more self control when he enters a burger king.

Atticus_finch1049d ago

Gave probably has a BK inside his mansion.

MrVux0001049d ago

He is yet to reveal his final form!

Burrito26a1049d ago

Bearded Lady at the carnival.

Fluttershy771049d ago

He would need a haircut... I mean, I don't like my Santa's with long hair (maybe trim the beard a little)

RazzerRedux1049d ago

Well, as MrVux000 said.....he isn't done yet.


Android1049d ago

Lool I clicked on the thumbnail just because I thought "that's a lot of grey for Gabe" then read your message....perfect!

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xTonyMontana1049d ago

Competition is good but I just can't support Epic. Spending all that money on exclusives while neglecting and/or pushing back their own updates to bring their client up to par with Steam. Then going around acting all holier than thou attitude about their developer cut percentage.

SoulClaw1049d ago

I really can´t understand why you cry that much for real, I made an account and I am pretty aware that I don´t have an "premium" account or anything, because there is none, and I get free games on a weekly basis.....and there are very good games there,too....for membership nothing.... And you are still crying about what?

Pathetic man, I am sure after you made the Epic Account and some weeks in, some free games more....and you will shut the fuck up and realize how stupid you´ve been

xTonyMontana1049d ago

So what you're basically saying is you don't understand issues because you're all dazzled by free games? Don't lump me with a weak minded fool like you thanks, you're like a dog, can do what they like but toss you a treat (free games) and you're happy as can be. It's called having principles, I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

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Jared25001049d ago

These are the type of people that work at GameStop

rainslacker1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

I think it's good that they are talking about developer cuts, because that's good for developers, and if it forces other strore fronts to change their cuts, then that's a good thing. These store fronts are taking a rather large percentage for what amounts to a credit card processing and storefront, and in no way do they put in enough work to say that the money they make off these games is anywhere justified. Even retail stores don't get as high a cut as steam, and steam has a much lower cost to operate compared to retail.

As far as the rest, I don't know the issues that Epic is delaying their updates. If they delayed it, it's probably because they felt it wasn't ready for some reason. Or maybe some other reason. Not sure why it matters when EGS still amounts to a store front. Your assertion is that Steam is the store front that EGS has to aspire to be like, when EGS is just EGS. It may or may not get features that Steam has, but I fail to see why that matters for you as a game player.

I get that you'd be upset they're paying for exclusive content, but most of those games are actually decided to be exclusive by the devs or pubs without payment intervention.

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SegaGamer1049d ago

I've stopped caring. I have said many times now that having GOG Galaxy 2.0 has pretty much solved all of my problems with having multiple launchers. Yes, it's still annoying having multiple accounts with multiple passwords, but it's a very small annoyance at this point.

I still haven't bought anything from Epic's store, mainly because there just isn't any incentive to buy anything from the store, but I honestly no longer care about timed exclusives.

I've just synced all of my games to GOG now and run them all from there.

Father__Merrin1049d ago

Flippin heck he needs to lay off the burgers 🍔

WeAreLegion1049d ago

A fat joke a day keeps Half-Life 3 away.

Cmoney0071049d ago

EGS - Get some free quality games on there and never spend money.

Steam - It is still worth spending money on there because people can find good deals in the store, and the valve continues to upgrade it.

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