GamesRadar: Shaun White Snowboarding Review

GamesRadar writes: "EA's SKATE succeeds by focusing on ultra-realistic, simple thrills – so even a kickflip feels like an achievement. By contrast, SSX thrives on reality-bending absurdity, layering impossible tricks with riotous color and complex trick lines. Shaun White Snowboarding, meanwhile, aims somewhere in between – with typically middle-of-the-road results. Despite using the Assassin's Creed engine, Damascus' lush spires are replaced by duller-than-reality swathes of white. Snowboarding's appeal lies in the beauty of the open mountain, but Ubisoft's effort looks dull and flat. It's nice enough on the top slopes, but desperately monotone lower down and – in our eyes – not even a match for five-year-old SSX3 on PS2".

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The Matrix3841d ago

Average score, just like I thought it would be. I'm sure the snowboarding fans are having an early Christmas though.