Games Full of Snooping and Investigative Work, Ranked

Mojoverse Games Feature: During a stressful time, I like to keep my mind busy, which I can only do if I have something that takes my full concentration. After watching a lot of cop dramas on TV, I noticed how much of a thrill it is to correctly guess the “whodunit” in a crime investigation. So I began an investigation myself to uncover the best games that require you to actually discover clues on your own, no hand-holding. It was a difficult task but I wound up finding and playing some pretty unique gems that have made a significant lasting impression on me.

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hentaicollector676d ago

The best detective game ever is Ghost Trick. Too bad no one's ever heard of it.

MojoverseGames675d ago

Oh I've heard of it! What did you like about it? Were the clues hard to find?