Championship Gaming Series Shuts Down

The Championship Gaming Series, founded in 2007 to be the chief competitor to Major League Gaming, has announced that they will be shutting down operations effective immediately.

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TOO PAWNED3834d ago

LOL what will DJwheat do next?

DA_SHREDDER3834d ago

but I will say that it wasn't very fun too watch. Black Mumbo was the bomb,, but all the other competitors and games were just boring to watch. Soccer in real life sucks too watch, why would they put that in the championship gaming series? Also,, they played counter strike, which is a good game in its own right, but it isn't as mainstream as games like Halo or COD. Unreal Tournament would have been a better choice even. The only way a company like this could make it is if they had mainstream games to compete in. Sh*t, even Mario Cart and Smash bros would be better choices to have in the championships.

Zanzu3834d ago

The scoring system was horribly flawed.

CS was way too significant and made the games like Fifa look like filler material.

Also it was xbox 360 games then CS for the PC...why split platforms then give the 1 PC game the most points?

DA_SHREDDER3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Its a good game,, but COD4 would have been alot more exciting. You are obviously a pc guy. Since you wanna go there with it,, why don't they get a Total War champion ship? If your gonna throw a gaming championship, then go big. People like you are the reasons why compies like this go out of business. You have to think big or gtfo.

LeonSKennedy4Life3834d ago

Counter Strike FOREVER!!!

Also, Resistance 2...

CrippleH3833d ago

COD4 is way to noobish. It doesn't even take that much skills to kill a person. It's just spray and most of the bullets will hit him with barely any recoil.

MvmntInGrn3833d ago

feel bad for participants but it was an annoying thing to watch, I'm not sure gaming is ready for such an orchestrated event.

CrippleH3833d ago

I like to watch it from time to time but I feel embarrassed just to watch it.

It's the way they do it. Kinda to geeky.

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