GamesRadar: Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Review

GamesRadar writes: "TV Party is Rabbids do the Balance Board. About two thirds of the minigames require one, from surfing through space on an iron board to dodging potholes on a haywire Harley Davidson. The games can be played with remote tilting, but where's the fun in trying to urinate on plants if you're not leaning to direct your virtual wee-maker?

If you haven't worked it out yet, TV Party is very silly. This makes it the perfect match for the Balance Board: no other peripheral makes you look like such an arse. Crouching to make your surfing Rabbid erupt with a bottom burp may be a bit crude, but it isn't half funny to see grandma doing it. Unless she actually drops one. In which case it's gross. And just as Ubisoft find a perfect tool in the board, they properly find their game design feet with the most dud-free Rabbids yet. There's a racing game programmed by the devil himself, but that and a reasonable amount of game recycling aside (both the Rock Band spoof and new dancing game are used eight times apiece) TV Party is a decent effort".

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