The Power of the RPG

Role Playing Games are undoubtedly one of the most loved genres of videogame. Up there with the likes of the FPS, Platformer and Beat 'em Up, RPGs have been around since the dawn of the videogame. Starting out in the form of simple text-based games, then evolving to titles such as Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda on the NES, over the years RPGs became more and more complex in plot, presentation and gameplay mechanics.

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GWAVE3836d ago

The main thing that set RPGs apart in the past was that they had great set-pieces, cool cutscenes, and epic storylines. Other games did not have these things. Of course if you have an SNES, Final Fantasy 3's (a.k.a FF6) storyline is going to seem epic if the only other games you're playing are Mega Man X and Super Mario World. I'm not downplaying FF6's storyline, but it needs to be pointed out that strong storylines aren't unique to RPGs anymore.

In fact, I would argue that the majority of RPGs have weak storylines compared to other genres. They have become very cliche and worn-out, whereas we're seeing games like MGS4, Bioshock, Mass Effect (a shooter/RPG), and Call of Duty 4 come out with top-notch storylines.

If RPGs want to remain influential, they need to innovate. Most RPGs don't.