PS5 And Xbox Series X Are "Just Delivery Sockets," More Like PCs, Gabe Newell Says

Valve's founder says the consoles share a similar GPU and CPU, which makes things easier for developers.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1042d ago

I'm glad these developers are coming out correcting people's misinterpretation of the data. Obviously both consoles took different approaches to reach pretty much the same results.

Fishy Fingers1042d ago

Did we read different quotes? Correcting misinterpetations?

They read to me as geneic responces, both better than before, both quicker than before. meh. Both PC's.

darthv721042d ago

I'd much rather listen to Gabe talk about Half Life 3... cause you know that is coming to next gen and PC (gotta feeling this time).

silenthillstrangler1042d ago

And what a hot mess it will be.

morganfell1041d ago

I agree with Darth on this. As far as it being a hot I remember the same thing being stated prior to Half-Life 2 as several individuals felt they could not repeat what they had done the first time out.

rlow11041d ago

As they say, Cold day in Hell........

AK911041d ago

It all depends if Half Life Alyx is a success or not.

morganfell1041d ago

Some people have gone hands on. Game changer seems to be the common assessment.

L7CHAPEL1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

I would settle for half Life Alex on consoles,
no reason why they can't do that,
They've already got a game and it wouldn't take them long to Port it at all.
Would I love to see Half-Life 3?
who wouldn't 🤗
but right now I I see this is a definite possibility again they have a completed game the only difference is it's exclusive to VR.
They've already talked about the development,
how they used Half-Life 2 assets
and that it didn't take them hardly any time at all, to get it up and running and playable in VR.
to be able to adapt the current game, going back to what it was,
Should be no problem at all.
Let's have a show of hands:

MrVux0001041d ago

I already made my peace that Half Life 3 is not gonna happen, after Marc Laidlaw left Valve...

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Minute Man 7211042d ago

Good time to be a gamer n developer

--bienio--1042d ago

True! Good times are coming for us pc gamers:)

annoyedgamer1041d ago

Im probably going to let my Xbox Live expire. No point in spending money on locked down systems when all the exclusives from both consoles are on PC.

BrainSyphoned1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Xbox is more like Valve because they hardly ever make games.

AuraAbjure1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

I think in 2022 we will see at least one or two (timed) xsx exclusives that isn't a Halo, Forza nor Gears game. Xbox Game Studios didn't spend tens if not over a hundred million dollars aquiring seven separate game development companies over the past two years for all those people to just sit on their hands haha.

L7CHAPEL1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

People forget that Phil started as an overseer of the creative process for Microsoft studios.
He knows who's doing what,
he knew who he could get, and understands how the process goes. so many people have criticized him for killing games,
if I don't think a game is going to be profitable and turn out the way it's supposed to, I'd kill it too.

everybody wants to jump up and down about scalebound.
that's the big thorn in their side, well nobody really knows how well the game was doing, it wasn't just about milestones.
if the game was doing great and they needed more money,
Microsoft wouldn't have given it to them?
or given them more time?
they just showed a couple of gameplay videos here and there as to how it looked...
good, as far as how it looked,
as far as the combat, and a lot of other elements, the gameplay?
did not look great, by any means.

People love to beat a dead horse, let's see what they beat now ...

King_Noctis1041d ago

Not sure if you are being serious or just trolling.

L7CHAPEL1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

they're also a lot like valve because they're always innovating,
something PlayStation doesn't do. they get nudged, forced and dragged into the future.
social gaming and online wasn't such an issue until It got forced by Xbox.
backwards compatibility/ cross-play we're not issues,
till they got forced because of what Xbox was doing.

And next as much as We are resisting it, (because it's being done like shit) being able to play anything anywhere [streaming] is going to be the future.
I'll give you three guesses who's going to be at the forefront of that ?

RazzerRedux1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

If you are going to talk about being "forced and dragged into the future" then why don't you bring up all the studios that Microsoft had to build/buy to compete with Sony? You are seriously going to put blinders on and pretend Xbox having its ass beaten didn't lead Microsoft down that path? I'm not saying MS "hardly ever make games" like the guy you are responding to, but let's not pretend this is an area they have excelled in. It is absolutely and area where they have been lacking. But yeah, they now have studios to fix the problem. Thank you, Sony.

1042d ago
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