From humble beginnings to distant worlds: How JRPGs changed my life

"Whilst my love of JRPGs began with the games, the personal growth they helped to unlock and the experiences tied to that will always make them my favorite genre," writes Andrew McKissock in his debut article for Game Freaks 365.

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LG_Fox_Brazil350d ago

I love JRPGs. Played FFIV when I was a kid and didn't stop ever since. I can't see myself living without playing JRPGs and enjoying rich stories with huge worlds and amazing characters, I love it all

specialguest350d ago

I also started with FFIV as a kid. It's amazing how a game with 16bit sprite characters, memorable music, and a good story with good character development could fill me with different emotions. When Cecil became a paladin, Polom and Parom's sacrifice, Kain's betrayal, and Rydia's going from a weak child to realizing her full potential

Rebel_Scum350d ago

JRG's were great until the character design started becoming too anime and with voice acting. The stories became overly convoluted and well.. just plain dumb.

Rebel_Scum350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Did you come up with that yourself? So clever. How original.

Maybe you should use the comments section for offering your opinion on the subject matter or discussing others opinion rather than snarky remarks that lack substance. Perhaps you can’t conjure up an original thought because you speak only as an echo chamber for old memes?