Valve founder thinks video game brain controls are possible

Industry leader Gabe Newell says we're very close to mind-powered games.

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THC CELL1055d ago

Downloading a brain will be better

BrainSyphoned1055d ago

I’m more interested in the dreams people are going to be recording and uploading on the internet everyday.

Vic_Rivers1055d ago

That is exciting tech. I'm looking forward to that. Sci-fi reality.

Shuckylad1055d ago

I can’t control my dick with my brain let alone a video game.

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REALAS1055d ago

Well, your company has learned how to brainwash your followers, so, yeah.

Bladesfist1054d ago

I wouldn't give any one company the credit for that, people have been worshipping video game platform companies like Sony, MS and Valve for ages now. I think these people are rarer than they appear outside of websites like this though. Most people just want a good product for less money.

steven_seagull1054d ago

Brainwash ? Please enlighten me, enlightened one, on how excactly Valve has brainwashed their "followers"

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