Reggie: Only a few third-parties have created quality projects for Wii

It's no surprise that some companies have a particular mindset to be lazy or use their "B teams" to create certain Wii projects. The end result of doing so simply means that a poor product will enter the marketplace, in which, depending on the accessibility of the title, could end up as a relatively successful game. Reggie Fils-Aime is well-aware of the quality of some third-party projects and third-parties in general on the Wii though...

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SaiyanFury3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Well considering that Nintendo's been alienating third parties for over a decade, I can't say I'm surprised. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, go Google Nintendo's history since the N64 and you'll gain an understanding of why I said what I did.

PistolPumptMonk3837d ago

You're exactly right. Why would companies make third party games for the Wii when they see the sales figures of a game like Okami? It doesn't matter how well they do in making the game, most people who own a Wii will not be interested.

The third party market is now completely owned and dominated by Sony and Microsoft. And I don't really think Nintendo cares to be honest.

SaiyanFury3837d ago

You're right, they don't care. They design their consoles with their own perceptions, desires, and interests in mind. That's not personal opinion, that's historical fact.

Smacktard3837d ago

I agree. Nintendo's attitude towards 3rd party developers has always been a problem. I think that ended when the old president quit and Iwata took his place, though. By the sounds of it they're getting back on track. Every WiiWare developer I've heard of said that Nintendo is EXTREMELY helpful and awesome. And then The Conduit says that they're working really close with Nintendo. Leads me to believe they changed their old ways.


Oh god, please don't bring up the Okami argument. You really have NO idea what you're doing. In fact, you're arguing against the point you're trying to make.

Here let me make it simple for you: when a port of a last gen game comes to a current-gen console and sells ALMOST as much as the last gen console's sales in less time, and with 1/3-1/4 the install base, it really means that it actually did good. It's not amazing, but it's actually very good given the circumstances. If you want to talk about good games that didn't sell well on the Wii, I'm sure you can think of many better examples.

TheColbertinator3837d ago

When it comes to 3rd party,I don't give a damn on Nintendo consoles.N64 was the best console because Nintendo made more AAA first party/second titles that put the PS1 and its 800 games on the floor.Also the N64 days made sure that only the important third party like EA,Midway and Capcom stayed on board.With the exception of Squaresoft,Nintendo and its golden age of quality was cemented in the 90s.

2nd party developers also did exceptional work with Nintendo like Factor 5,Rare,and Silicon Knights.

PotNoodle3837d ago

People only buy nintendos for nintendos first party games :P

Mahr3837d ago

"Why would companies make third party games for the Wii when they see the sales figures of a game like Okami?"

Shot in the dark: Because they see the sales figures of other, more successful third-party titles?

Captain_Sony3836d ago

To the haters, trolls, fanboys and generally stupid.
Okami sold more on Wii with an install base of 15 million then it did on PS2 with an install base of over 100million.. Poor example of why games do not sale. Half of the million sellers on Wii are also 3rd party.Re4 on Wii outsold PS2 version. GH for Wii outsold all other versions. Seems to me plenty of proof you guys are wrong is easily accesable. Which makes your not knowing ever more pathetic. Prove me wrong.

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Silogon3837d ago

Nintendo has been the worst nightmare of every 3rd party developer alive... nintendo is the soul reason many companies, good ones at that, went belly up in the early 90's...

See, nintendo controlled the industry in the 80's with the nes... They'd make these developers sign exclusive agreements with them since they were the only gig in town and it forced these developers to make preexisting arcade games and the like ground up on the nes... This ended up costing them tons of money as they went to do ports on another system. Reason being, nintendo wouldn't let them.

That's why rygar on the Master system was a port of Rygar on the arcades and not Rygar on the nes. That's why bionic commando on the master system was like bionic commando on the arcade and not the nes... and so forth and so on.

After the 80's and the hay day of the nes the well went dry and so did many companies. Nintendo is evil. Always have been.

SaiyanFury3837d ago

Hehe while I wouldn't go so far as to say they're evil, they have been the bane of third party developers for years. I've heard it cited that Nintendo makes it's consoles for it's own games. Third parties are a second thought. On the original NES it was also exorbitant licensing fees that made third parties look down on them.

supremacy3837d ago

reggie its been like that since the n64 days, heck im even surprise the wii is even as hot of an item as it is, dont mean to sound creul but given his quote an all this is why i have yet to bother owning a nintendo system.

wii is a hot seller but i rather stick with both the 360 and ps3 this generations thanks, oh the ds is good though like that little handheld though atleast you can get some decent 3rd party games out of that machine though.

badz1493836d ago

"Only a few third-parties have created quality projects for Wiiis"

ok, that one supposed to be a challenge or simply an insult to the 3rd parties as a whole?

djslapdash3835d ago

I like the wii and glad its king

but statements like that should not be made public. If Reggie is feeling this way about third party games, Why doesn't he look at first party games that have tacked on wii controls. Zelda:WW, WiiMusic, Wario Shake-it etc.

The wii is new control terchnology for this industry so its bound to have some issues, Hopefully the next generation will improve it and its uses.